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Bedtime Stories For All Ages By Alfred:

294) The Big Black Dog After School

293)  Insomnia

292)  A Lady Of Dignity

291)  The Intelligent Boy

290)  The Prettiest Dress At The Party

289)  What Broke My Heart Of Stone

288)  Caught Red Tongued

287)  Let My People Go

286)  Jaundiced

285)  The Boy Who Couldn't Ride A Bicycle

284)  War Stole My Daddy

283)  The Man Who Achieved The Most

282)  The More Appreciated Brother

281)  The Simple Instruction

280)  In The Home Of An Atheist

279)  Sin & Guilt

278)  Passing Through My Wilderness

277)  Runaway Dad 

276)  When We Fall Down

275)  Selfish With The Gospel

274)  My Online Friend Is The Devil

273)  The Broken Window

272)  With A Dad Like Mine Who Needs Good Grades?

271)  The Boy Who Laughed Last

270)  An Act Of Kindness

269)  Lurking Behind The Shadows

268)  The More You Inhale The Better You Feel

267)   Someone Brought A Gun To School?

266)  The Youngest Of Five Brothers

265)  Filling Daddy’s Shoes

264)  Love Forgives

263)  Don’t Let Your Dreams Bite You 

262)  10 Pages A Day

261)  A Ride With A Stranger

260)  God Cares About Every Strand Of Hair On Your Head

259)  My Little Sister’s Garage Sale

258)  The Banished Princess

257)  The Couple That Adopted The Devil

256)  A Brave Knight Can Only Go So Far

255)  The Camp Fire Story

254)  One Prayer Away From A Miracle

253)  Who Stole The Principal’s Car?

252)  A Sucker For New Sneakers

251)  Help – Jesus = ?

250)  The Lamp On The Battlefield

249)  The Forbidden Lake

248)  There Is Something About The Things You Do

247)  Who Stole Suzie’s Crayons?

246)  Watching My Son’s Death Bed

245)  During The Holiday’s At My Uncle’s Ranch

244)  King Of The Ramp

243)  More Than Just A Book

242)  The Yeti & Lilly

241)  I Visited The Wrong Website

240)  Wishing On A Wishing Star

239)  Revenge Is Served

238)  The Blessing or The Blesser

237)  There Is A Monster In The Ceiling

236)  The Ultimate Prank

235)  The Tragedy At The Airport

234)  Mystery Solved

233)  Don’t Feed The Animals

232)  A Cure For Royal Boredom

231)  Born To Win

230)  Sam & The Toy Solider

229)  Destiny Lost

228)  Alice's Secret

227)  Proving To Be The Best

226)  The Glass Doll

225)  Being True To Christ In You

224)  I’ill Be Having A Little Brother Soon

223)  The Dance Floor Is On Fire

222)  An Unpardonable Sin

221)  All Roads Are Blocked

220)  Have A Bite

219)  A Train Ride To Paradise

218)  Ski Resort Goosebumps

217)  Pinch Only A Little

216)  Greed Is Greedy

215)  Sermons Are A Bore?

214)  Daddy Don't Go

213)  Count Your Blessings 

212)  Tom’s Appendectomy

211)  Peril Of A Threat

210)  Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

209)  Evil Can Be Good If It Wants To

208)  Sarah’s Impossible Goal

207)  The Persecution Of Benny Bones

206)  But He Called Me A …

205)  Returning The Punches

204)  Chosen To Slay A Demon

203)  Last Minute Prayer

202)  Why Can’t I Curse Like All My Friends Do?

201)  God, What Of My Own Testimony? 

200)  The Chicken Pox

199)  If God Loves Me Why Did He Let Mum Die?

198)  Beautiful Is Skinny

197)  You Become The Music

196)  Just Another Headache

195)  In The Name Of Being Macho

194)  Entertaining Angels Unawares

193)  The 3 Televangelists

192)  Along The Road Paved With Gold

191)  The Size Of The Heart Determines The Size Of The Pocket

190)  Going To Church Isn’t Cool? 

189)  Cool & Cold

188)  I Ain't No Blabbermouth

187)  Loyal To God's Principles

186)  Whosoever Said The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever Must Have Flunked Geography

185)  The Neighbour Who Played His Music Too Loud

184)  Operation Get Mum & Dad Back Together

183)  Don't Let Anyone Ride Your Bicycle 

182)   The Throne Belongs To Whom It Belongs

181)  The Day I Felt Like The Biggest Loser In The World

180)  They Are Talking Gibberish

179)  The Night We Were Left Alone

178)  There Is A Gay Person In My Classroom

177)  Jerry's Curiosity

176)  Love & The Young

175)  The Story Of The Dog Hater

174)   Just A Few Minutes More

173)  A Christmas Letter To A Father’s Jail Cell

172)  Sleeping With The Bible Under My Pillow

171)  The Video Game Console Bargain

170)  A Message From A Dying Man

169)  Going Into The World

168)  Always Say Thank You

167)  Brotherly Grudge 

166)  God Has Been Leading Me To Start An Orphanage For Years Now

165)  Girls Like Excitement

164)  Focus On The Solution Not The Problem 

163)  Finders Keepers?, … I Mean Really?

162)  Female Ball Players Can’t Dunk

161)  Everybody Has The Right To Believe Whatever They Want To Believe

160)  Fake Pastor Exposed

159)  Don’t Eat Food That Just Fell On The Ground

158)  Falling Down Doesn’t Mean You Have To Walk Away

157)  Don’t Run Away From Maths

156)  Eating Like A White Man

155)  Don’t Buy A Stolen Phone

154)  Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk 

153)  Don’t Be Afraid To Learn How To Use New Technology 

152)  Come & Eat

151)  Don’t Be Afraid Of Books

150)  Daddy, Is Mummy A Saint?

149)  Demons In Comic Books Are Just Entertainment

148)  Daddy, I Feel God Wants You To Put Your Trust In Him And Not In Man

147)  Have Faith In Your Faith

146)  Chased By A Monster 

145)  Career Choice Pressures

144)  Annie Sits & Thinks

143)  But The 8.00 am Service Doesn’t Really Begin Until 8.30 am

142)  Be Careful As You Read

141)  Angels Watch Over Us While We Sleep

140)  Don’t Laugh At People Because They Are Fat 

139)  Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well

138)  Getting Back At My Little Sister

137)  But I Want To Spend My Christmas Holiday Elsewhere

136)  American Dream

135)  An Adventure In The Woods

134)  Angela’s Passion

133)  He Knows My Name

132)  He Told Me That Reading Is The Exit Door From Poverty

131)  Honor Your Father & Mother 

130)  How The Scripture I Memorized Saved My Life

129)  How To Make People Love You At First Sight

128)  How To Make Satan Buy You A Car

127)  I Only Make Friends With Bookworms

126)  I Received What I Always Wanted This Christmas

125)  I Am Catholic, I Won’t Let My Kids Watch A Protestant’s Movie

124)  I Am Shy, I Can’t Look At A Lady Straight In The Eye

123)  I Just Can’t Stop Sinning

122)  If We Can Be Good Without God

121)  I Think I Ate Too Much Cake On Christmas Day

120)  I Had The Worst Christmas Ever

119)  If You Don’t Have Discipline You Would Never Be Rich

118)  If Your Parents Are Racist Don’t Put Your Footprints In Theirs

117)  More Than Just A Cool Football Pose

116)  Just So I Can Tell People That I Did It

115)  Merry Christmas Not Happy Holidays

114)  Lucy & The Tablet Device

113)  Love & The Young 

112)  Investment Prayers 

111)  Lord, I Need Your Help My Daddy Fell Into A Coma

110)  Love Is The Answer

109)  Injections Freak Me Out

108)  Jerry's Curiosity 

107)  I’m Only Eating All This Now Because I Don’t Know If I Would Eat In The Evening 

106)  It Is Your In-law From London Calling

105)  It Comes Anytime You Sneeze 

104)  Mummy, We Don’t Hate Gays, Why Do They Hate Us So?

103)  My Best Friend Says Her Step Father Comes Into Her Room At Night And Touches Her

102)  Music Is Locked Up Within Me

101)  The Kite Stuck In A Tree

100)  Unashamed Of Grandma

99)  Valuable Junk 

98)  My 1st Drink

97)  What An Imp Did To Me

96)  The Illegal Site

95)  Stepping Over The Fundamentals 

94)  Satan, You Take The Bicycle I’ill Take The Car

93)  Terms Of Use 

92)   Saving Mommy & Daddy

91)  My Little Prayers For Daddy And Mommy

90)  My Bicycle Helmet Story

89)  The Devil's Helping Hand

88)  They 'R Us

87)  Super Hero At Comic Con

86)  The Cute Little Puppy That Popped Up In My Backyard 

85)  Will’s Last Crazy Adventure 

84)  There Is Still Time

83)  When I Grow Up I Want To Be The Richest Man In The World

82)  Well Thought Out Choices & Their Opposite

81)  Vickie & The Scary Movie

80)  Those Who Tell White Lies End Up In A White Hell

79)  The Man Who Took My Parents Away Forever

78)  To Rat Or Not To Rat

77)  The Voices In My Head

76)  The Plan For The Christmas Party

75)  The Webcomic

74)  The King’s Heir

73)  The S.M.A.R.T New Year’s Resolution

72)  The Rude Boy

71)  The Fool That You Knew Me To Be Yesterday Is Not The Person Standing In Front Of You Today

70)  The Forbidden Book Stack

69)  The Gang Leader 

68)  The Online Friend Who Changed Her Life Forever

67)  The Accident On A Rainy Night

66)  The Fantasy Of Job Security

65)  The Boy Who Laughed At Bald Old People

64)  The Christmas Card I Got For My Mum

63)  The Business God Gave Birth To

62)  The Night Before Christmas

61)  Saving Mommy & Daddy

60)  Praise Him Through The Midnight

59)  The Legendary Pic Blog

58)  The Gift For The Cool Crowd

57)  Tell

56)  Say It The Moment You Wake Up Every Morning

55)  Stay In Children’s Church, Don’t sneak Off To Adult Church 

54)  Sleeping With The Bible Under My Pillow

53)  Report All Suspicious Activity

52)  Satan, You Take The Bicycle I’ill Take The Car

51)  Read Now

50)  Practice, Practice, Practice

49)  Not All Open Doors Where Opened By God

48)  Playing ill 

47)  We Have A Dog Just Like This In Our Home

46)  Pastoral Political Views

45)  Please Don’t Leave, The Service Isn’t Over Yet

44)  Persecution Builds You Or Breaks You

43)  One Of The Worst Things That Could Ever Happen At A Crusade

42)  Nigerian In America

41)  Never Laugh At Mummy and Daddy

40)  Love, Hate, War & Friendship

39)  A Runaway’s Dilemma

38)  Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions 

37)  Tall, Fit & Handsome

36)  A Sucker For Sneakers

35)  They That Put Their Trust in God

34)  Teenage Rebellion Phase 

33)  The Mark Of Leadership

32)  Broken Hedge

31)  Stay Away From Wine Street 

30)  Blocking Out Negative Vibes

29)  The Autograph Of Mr.Nobody

28)  Hope Of Berkshire

27)  A Simple Prank Call

26)  The Forbidden Lake

25)  Change Your Confession

24)  Revenge Is Served

23)  Roy The Disobedient Boy

22)  Two Mics, Two Brothers

21)  Who Stole Suzie’s Crayons? 

20)  During The Holidays At My Uncle’s Ranch

19)  The Fairy That Comes Every Night 

18)  And Who Put A Female Pastor In Charge

17)  The Wolf In The Woods

16)  Patience Pays

15)  The Framed Pastor

14)  Being True To Christ In You 

13)  The Samurai’s New Way 

12)  I Gotta Be Hip And Cool

11)  Chosen To Slay A Demon

10)  Mum’s Secret Life 

9)   The Throne Belongs To Whom It Belongs

8)  Mission 36: Infiltrate Mafia

7)  Fighting Fighting

6)  The Warrior, The Prince & The Monster

5)  The More Appreciated Brother 

4)  Passing Through My Wilderness 

3)  All New Genes

2)  Breaking All The Rules

1)  Just Do What God Says

Romantic Short Stories By Alfred For Married Couples:

83)  A Wedding Ring For The Woman Behind The Mask

82)  You Can't Be Good Without God

81)  Listening To Her

80)  My Husbands Last Cocktail

79)  Keep On Working

78)  It Is Not What It Looks Like

77)  Above the Romantic Arabian Sky

76)  Above All, The Shield Of Faith

75)  Butter Her With Gifts 

74)  Handkerchiefs & Aprons

73)  Changing The Spouse

72)  After 60 Years

71)  All Things Are Possible

70)  Treat Your Achievements Like Bubble Gum

69)  Thou Shall Not Say The Name, “Jesus?” 

68)  The One Who Never Got Married

67)  The Marriage Improvement Book Experience

66)  The E – Mail

65)  The Couple That Loved & Saved Africa

64)  The Couple Next Door

63)  You Never Take Me Out To Dinner

62)  The 31st Night Service

61)  Tell Her That She’s Beautiful, Everyday

60)  Straight From A Minister’s Home

59)  Still In Bed? 

58)  Smile Even When The Road Is Rough

57)  Saved By A Stranger

56)  Promotion from Upstairs or Downstairs

55)  Our Financial Crisis Story

54)  Our Cute Little Friend

53)   How Lilly Makes Her Husband Do Anything She Wants

52)  The Spooky Sounds From Next Door

51)  Every Pastor's Nightmare

50)  One Body

49)  They Took The Nativity Scene Out Of City Hall

38)  God Answered My Prayer For Christmas

37)  Just The Two Of Us This Christmas

36)  If You Want Sensual Get Married

35)  Enemies On My PC Screen

34)  My Soldier Comes Home

33)  Called Against the Norm

32)  The Christmas Letter From A Jail Cell

31)  Shedding Tears & Burning Memories

30)  All Men Are Dogs

29)  When My Husband Snores I Hear Birds Sing

28)  A Miracle At Christmas

27)  How Can He Love Me When I'm Fat?

26)  Don't Keep A Window Open For The Devil

25)  Like A Prince In A Romance Novel

24)  Dodging Arguments

23)  Whosoever Did This To My Love Must Pay

22)  Riding For My Family

21)  Debt & Love 

20)  Leaving 80% for 20% 

19)  The Surprise Christmas Gift On Our Door Step

18)  Not Even HIV+ Can Keep Me Away From You 

17)  What Happened To Us?

16)  A Miracle At Christmas

15)  They Gave Us Five Years

14)  December Has Come

13)  The Man Who Can’t Smile

12)  Did My Love Do It?

11)  Prince Casper's Bride 

10)  For Our Faith & For Our Country

9)  Unworthy Of Your Love

8)  The Secret, The Letter & The Writer

7)  The Thanksgiving of Thanksgivings 

6)  The Burns Of Blackmail

5)  Heart-Shaking Discovery

4)  Don't Leave Me

3)  Withdrawn for A Change

2)  Trust On Trial

1)  Worlds Apart But Closer Than Ever

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