The Online Friend Who Changed Her Life Forever - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in South Africa there lived a little girl named Peggy. She was the only child of a hard working Christian Mum. Peggy’s Mum really didn’t have a lot but she was definitely moving forward. She had a lot on her hands but she always made out time for her only daughter whom she loved with all her heart.   
Peggy’s Mum had just installed a family computer in the house. She was still getting used to it but one of the first things she had to make sure of was that her and her daughter would be safe from the evils online. Peggy’s Mum got a Tech – Guy to help her out with making the computer family friendly and safe.   
After the Tech – Guy finished doing his thing, Peggy’s Mum, being a smart woman did her own research on internet safety. She didn’t read all the technically stuff since she wasn’t trying to get a PHD in internet safety, but she read all that she could get her hands on that gave information on what a regular person should know about online safety.   
After doing a lot of research, among the things that Peggy’s Mum told Peggy about using the internet was that she should never visit and join a certain social network site called, Friends & Foes Connect.   
The softwares and all the other stuff done to the computer didn’t block out this site because it had no dirty images. It was just a friends site.   
Now, Peggy’s Mum had allowed Peggy to visit other friends site because she said it was safe. It was only the ‘Friends & Foes Connect’ website that she was not allowed to visit.   
Peggy didn’t care, she was a good girl. She enjoyed the internet the way it should be enjoyed – without the garbage.   
One day, Peggy went to school only to find out that almost every student in school was actually on the site.   
Peggy ignored the site for weeks until a student in her class chatted with a Hollywood celebrity who was also on the site and the student kept bragging about it with no end.   
Peggy couldn’t let the opportunity of chatting with a Hollywood celeb pass by so she got on the site going against her Mum’s instructions.   
With time Peggy became friends with other people on the site and one day she accepted an invitation from a kid she met on that site to meet with her in person at a certain location.   
Peggy didn’t tell her Mum this – she couldn’t tell her Mum about her up-coming meeting because it would also mean telling her Mum that she joined a site that she clearly told her not to join.   
Peggy went to met this girl who was supposed to be her age at the specified location but instead Peggy noticed that she was all alone with a big muscular guy. The guy kidnapped Peggy and sold her as a slave to another country.   
Oh! if only Peggy stuck to obeying her Mum she wouldn’t be a slave right now working for a slave master under extremely brutal conditions this very moment as we speak.


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