The Warrior, The Prince, & The Monster - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away, the King’s son, Prince Charles was kidnapped by a vicious monster. The monster wanted to take revenge on the king for sending brave warriors to chase it away from the kingdom.
The King called together the bravest and strongest warriors in his kingdom. They were a group of strong and powerful women who were all highly skilled in using swords, bows and arrows, spears and even their bare hands.
They were all beautiful but don’t let that fool you. They were also quite lethal.
The King told them that anyone of them who brings his son back safely to him would get twenty thousand pieces of silver.
The group of beautiful warrior women set out to search for the monster.
According to unverified accounts concerning the monster; since it had been chased away from the kingdom, the monster was living within the heart of the forbidden maze.
It had decided to live as a recluse. Away from all human contact or contact with any living creature. It no longer trusted anyone. It no longer wanted to be loved. It no longer wanted to love anyone. It had been rejected by the world for all it cared.
Now the group of beautiful warrior women were out to get the monster and the monster knew they were coming, so it got itself prepared.
There was one female warrior who wasn’t invited to the castle and wasn’t given the offer to bring back the Prince safely. The name of that female warrior was Christie. Christie was as skilled as the other warriors, maybe even better, but she was refused membership from the group because they didn’t think she was beautiful enough to roll with them.
Christie learnt to believe that she wasn’t beautiful and she got used to it and learnt to stay on her own and forget about being accepted by the group of beautiful female warriors even though she had once believed she belonged with them.
Things changed for her however, when a pilgrim she had rescued told her about Jesus and gave her a copy of the bible. He told her how valuable to Jesus she is and that she is created in the image of God so she cannot be ugly because if she is ugly it means God too is ugly. And since God cannot be ugly, she cannot be ugly. God had created her beautiful and she would always be beautiful.
Christie believed what the pilgrim told her. He spoke by the Holy Ghost so the anointing was present when he spoke. Christie’s heart was touched. She gave her heart to Christ that day. And she did something she hadn’t done in a long while – She accepted herself for herself.
Christie also decided to change the reason why she fought. Although she was a warrior she was a Christian now so she had to live by Christian principles. So now she only fought to protect the innocent and she never killed the guilty, her hands would be free of blood.
Even though Christie wasn’t told by the King to help rescue the Prince. Christie decided to go rescue the Prince on her own.
The group of beautiful women did all they could to rescue the Prince but they couldn’t even get through the forbidden maze. The maze was full of too many traps, turns, battles and mysteries for them to pass through.
Christie had faith in God. She believed that God would show her the way to go through the maze. She believed that God would guide her. She wasn’t going there to kill anyone. She was just going there to rescue a Prince from a vicious monster.
Christie sang hymns and praises to God as she walked to the entrance of the cave with her sword in her hand.
By then all the members of the group of beautiful female warriors were either lost within the maze or had given up and gone home.
As Christie stood at the entrance of the maze she closed her eyes and prayed for God’s guidance.
Suddenly, she heard God speaking to her. God told her to run and hide behind a nearby bush. Christie obeyed not knowing the reason why God had said so.
She waited and waited until she began to feel silly even though no one could see her. After an hour passed she began to wonder if it was really the voice of God that she had heard. Just then, she heard a faint growling sound inside the maze. She listened closely and found out whatever was making the sound was coming out of the maze. Christie remained silent in her hiding place. Within seconds she witnessed the monster coming out of the maze. It was then that by the spirit of God she received understanding. The monster lived in the heart of the maze but it only chose there for protection. There was no food there so it still needed to come out of the maze to find food. So there was no need to go into the forbidden maze to find the monster. All you had to do was to wait for it to come out and find food when it’s hungry.
Christie jumped the monster, pinning it to the ground, and then she held her sword to its neck. Christie demanded the monster tell her where the Prince was.
The monster was hesitant, but given the circumstances it told Christie that the Prince was held as its prisoner within the heart of the forbidden maze. The monster gave Christie a mystical gem and told her that it would guide her to the heart of the maze where the Prince was kept and that it would also guide her and the Prince safely out of the maze.
Christie snatched the mystical gem from the monster’s claws, then turned and headed for the entrance of the forbidden maze.
“Wait! Aren’t you going to kill me?,” the monster asked in surprise.
Christie looked back over her shoulder and breathed out, “No!”
The monster was so shocked, it could hardly believe its extremely large flappy ears. It knew that normally any female warrior or bounty hunter that would be sent to rescue the Prince would also make it a point to kill whoever was responsible for kidnapping the Prince so that they can ask for an extra reward from the king.
The monster also knew that Christie could kill it if she wanted to. But why wouldn’t she do it? Didn’t she wasn’t the money?
“No?” the monster shrieked, “Why?”
“Because it’s wrong to kill and so I don’t Kill,” Christie answered.
“But don’t you want the money?” the monster asked.
“Do you want to die?” Christie asked.
“No! … But I mean … I don’t understand you” the monster said.
Christie ignored the monster but the monster then jumped in the front of the entrance of maze, blocking Christie’s path. It then said, “Look, I don’t want you to kill me but I need to know why you don’t want to. Strange as it may sound, I know it may not look like it to you but this is the best act of kindness I’ve ever been shown in my life.”
Christie and the monster got to talking and they both got to understanding each other more.
Christie explained that she was now a Christian and she explained what Christianity meant. She explained what Jesus meant to her.
Christie and the monster both found out that they had much in common. They had both been rejected by people based on their looks.
The monster was rejected by the King and his subjects because he looked like a monster on the outside, although he wasn’t a monster on the inside. While Christie was rejected by the group of beautiful female warriors because she didn’t look like what their shallow minds call beauty even though she was truly beautiful.
Christie told the monster the same things the pilgrim told her to make her accept herself, to boost her self-esteem and feel good about herself in spite of what people say and think about her.
Although Christie didn’t tell the monster that Jesus died for it because Jesus didn’t (Jesus died for only humans). Christie did tell the monster that it was created by God and that after God created the world in 7 days he saw that all that he made was good and beautiful, and he was pleased with it. So that means that God thinks the monster is good looking too. And if God thinks that anyone or anything is good looking, who is any man to think it is not so?
Christie also gave the monster a name so that it would not get more used to being called a monster all the time. Christie named it ‘Cuteball’, and also began to refer to it as a ‘he’ and not an ‘it.’
Cuteball liked his new name. He confessed to Christie that the mystical gem he have her was actually to attract the perils that lay in the forbidden maze so that they can get to her faster and kill her. He thought that after she jumped him and got the location of the Prince, she would kill him, Cuteball, so he gave her the mystical gem to ensure she gets killed too. Cuteball knew that a true and special warrior could make it in and out of the forbidden maze unaided and Cuteball didn’t want to take that chance that a warrior would live after killing him.
Christie explained to Cuteball that by kidnapping the Prince to take revenge on the King for chasing him out of his kingdom he would be being just as bad and shallow minded as the king is.
Cuteball helped get Prince Charles out of the forbidden maze.
Christie told Cuteball to wait for her while she returned the Prince to the king.
Christie refused to collect a reward from the king. She returned to Cuteball and they both left for another land to live in. They became friends and chose a land that was uninhabited. Soon the land became a haven for all kinds of people and creatures to live together in peace and harmony without discrimination. And they all lived happily ever after, thanks be to Jesus.


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