The Rude Boy - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time somewhere in Europe there lived a 13 year old boy named Edward. He was extremely rude. He was rude to his teachers, his fellow classmates and even his Mum. His Mum did everything she could to change him but Edward just wouldn’t change. It was like responding inadequately to whatever anyone especially his elders said to him gave him great joy.His attitude made him noticed at school.   
Rudeness gave him popularity. Being rude made him feel superior and so he liked it.Edward’s Mum got on her knees and prayed for a miracle. She tarried all through the night and she later sowed a heart felt seed of half her salary into a Christian orphanage.   Edward left a week later for a scheduled field trip with the rest of his class. The school was going to take them to a different part of Europe that none of them had visited before for them to learn about history.   Due to the fact that Edward was rude to everybody, nobody really liked him including the cool group that he was the head of who pretended to like him.   
When the field trip was over and everybody got on the bus and the teacher asked if everybody was on the bus, everyone including the cool group said Yes! even though they knew that Edward was not on the bus.   By the time Edward realized the bus was leaving, it was too late. He was quite a distance away from it.
He ran after it but it was soon out of sight.   
Edward tried to get help from the locals in this strange part of Europe that he didn’t understand but the people were rude to him and nobody agreed to help him. He was slowly becoming frustrated. He was getting hungry and none of the locals seemed to care about him. Fear gripped his heart, he was afraid he might starve to death and if he didn’t starve to death just yet it was getting dark. Where would he sleep? Clearly, none of the locals would care to help him.  
However, Edward kept on trying and trying for hours but each new person he met was rude to him.   
He now realizes how being rude is cruel when you are on the receiving end. That just makes the person in the giving end pure evil. Is this how it feels when he is rude to people?   
Edward then makes up his mind that he would never be rude again.   
He kept trying to get help but still nobody would help him.
Edward got on his knees on the side of the dusty road. He looked up to the heavens and closed his eyes. He said the salvation prayer and accepted Jesus into his heart. He also made a promise to God that he would never be rude again.   
Edward felt different. He felt free. He knew something had changed inside him. He even felt love inside him. Love like he has never felt before.   
Edward asked God to please help him get back home.   
God told Edward to try being nice to the locals around him. Edward obeyed and all the people grew fond of him. In no time somebody helped him out and he was on a bus headed home with a bus ticket some of the locals had paid for.
Immediately Edward arrived home, he ran to his Mum and hugged her. Then with tears in his eyes he said, “Mum I’m sorry for all the times I’ve been rude to you. I would never be rude again. I promise.”


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