Getting Back At My Little Sister - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a nice Christian family there lived a little 12 year old girl named Mary. She stood with her arms folded and her face squeezed up angrily together because her little sister had just ruined her favorite teddy bear.
Mary’s Mum told her to forgive her little sister but she refused.
Her Mum sat her down and begun to explain the importance of forgiveness to her.
After the long but wise and importance parental advise session. Mary told her Mum that she forgave her sister when her Mum asked her if she had forgiven her. Mary was only saying that though, she didn’t mean it. In her mind she had firmly decided that she would do something to get back at her little sister. She would pretend to be cool with her because of Mum but in her heart the resentment would still be there.
Later that day, Mary decided to go to a store to buy the perfect ingredients for her perfect plan to ruin her little sister’s most precious possessions so that it would hurt her in the worst possible way but Mary was killed by a drunk driver when she tried to cross a road alone and without looking twice in both directions.
When Mary arrived in front of the gates of heaven and was about the walk in, an angel told her to stop, that she has passed the age of accountability and that he sees resentment in her heart for her sister. So she would have to turn around and walk into the little black hole in the conner leading to hell, she would feel right at home with other people who hold resentment in their hearts for other people in there.


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