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How The Scripture I Memorized Saved My Life - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a nice teenage girl named Maureen. She belonged to a Christian home, had good friends, had anything she wanted that money can buy, and she also lived out her life taking the high road.
Maureen was in the same literature class with a girl named Doris.   
Doris was a witch who was proud and open about her beliefs and dedication to Satan.
Maureen and Doris kept out of each other’s way but there was a kind of friction between them even though they had never spoken to each other before. Maybe it was because each one knew the other was at the opposite end of their personal beliefs. Even the few times their eyes met, even with no communication it was clear that each one deeply disapproved of the other’s life style.
On Sunday in church, the teenage Sunday school teacher tells everyone to memorize a bible verse. Maureen doesn’t think it’s necessary to memorize bible verses. She’d never liked the idea. Maureen tells her Sunday school teacher that what she wants them to do is unnecessary because people weren’t saved because they could quote the bible word for word but because they believed in Jesus and what the bible says.
The Sunday school teacher replies, “That may be true but if believing in what the bible says is so important doesn’t it also make memorizing direct quotes of it also important?”
Maureen couldn’t answer. She was forced to memorize a bible verse that day.
In school the next day, Maureen caught Doris stealing some test papers from the literature teacher’s desk.
Maureen reported the matter to the literature teacher and Doris got punished. This was the first time that either one had done or said anything that had disrupted the other’s life. They had pretty much stayed out of each other’s way until now.
That day by the end of school hours, Maureen found some weird looking charms in her locker. She knows that there is only one person who could have put it there. She sighs and tosses the charms away.
Later that night Maureen comes under a spiritual attack. She felt like if something was pressing her and trying to strangulate her while something or someone else held a hand over her mouth.   Maureen’s eyes where open but she couldn’t see anyone. The lights in the room where on but she could not see her assailants. She understands what is happening but the thing was that whatever the demons where doing was not affecting her physically alone, it was also affecting her spiritually. She begins to feel her life slipping away but along the line she remembers the scripture that she had memorized. She begins to recite it over and over again in her head until the hand over her mouth sort of gives was and then she shouts it out.  
Although she could not see them, she felt like if something had disappeared. They were gone. She had been delivered.
The next day, Maureen reports the issue to the Sunday school teacher who made her memorize the scripture in the first place.
The Sunday school teacher tells Maureen that her faith is the only thing that  would ensure that such a thing never happened again and that she should remember that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. It actually means, faith comes by Rhema (revelation) and Rhema (revelation) comes from the logos (the written word) of God aka the bible.
Maureen took note and agreed to study the bible more. Then she left.
The next day, without Maureen’s notice, the Sunday school teacher ambushes Doris when she was on her way to school. The Sunday school teacher addresses her concerning what she did to Maureen, and then without even giving Doris the chance to speak she casts out all the demons from her. The Sunday school teacher ends up leading Doris to Christ and Doris becomes a born again believer in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to Jesus.



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