Going Into The World - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a Senior Pastor called Noel. He was what some people would love to call a big time preacher. More importantly, he was a man with a genuine heart for God and he truly wanted to reach out to the lost.   
Times where not what they used to be. Evil was much more rampant now than ever. Even Satan had so manipulated people’s minds that they didn’t even believe that evil exists anymore but for some strange reason they believed that good existed. It is like a man who believes that light exists but darkness does not exist. If that’s the case, what happens in a room at night when you put off the light? These people are like men drowning in quick sand but stupidly saying they don’t need help because they don’t believe that quick sand is real – they don’t believe that quick sand exists.
Satan had also succeeded in manipulating the minds of the creation (human beings) to believe that there is no creator. And the creation still can’t see that their very existence invalidates what they believe.
Pastor Noel prayed and prayed for his people. He did all the traditional things the body of Christ had done in the past to positively influence the society and save it from self destruction but nothing seemed to work. Pastor Noel then decided to do new things – new things that were like the world’s things – things that the world would relate to. At least that is the direction that he believed the spirit of God was leading him to.
Pastor Noel soon convinced his congregation along with the leaders in his ministry to go out into the world’s culture and present little tidbits of our world as Christians into their world and as time goes on they should introduce more.
Thus, after years of this new movement you could see crucifix’s and monuments of Jesus in places you won’t expect them; like in night clubs and even places where people who protest against the bible hang out. Pastor Noel had used speeches and campaigns that use understanding as an excuse to not just tolerate but also accommodate people who hated Jesus, in his quest to be relevant to the society and influence the culture of the people of the day with the ‘Culture of Christianity.’
By the end of Pastor Noel’s years, the impact of his Christian culture infiltration plan was felt in every worldly activity.
There was now some Christian element to every worldly activity. Pastor Noel rejoiced about this and was extremely happy.
Unbeknownst to him somewhere in a select coven in his city, the church of Satan celebrated that there is now a worldly element to every Christian activity.
The lesson here is that; when you are busy thinking you are reaching the world by compromising (giving up some of your principles) and becoming a little more like the world in other to minster to the world in a way that relates to their canal mind, the world is smiling secretly that they are succeeding in gradually changing you to become more like them.


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