There Is A Gay Person In My Classroom - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a wonderful little Christian girl named Lilly. She was raised in a good Christian home and was surrounded by good Christian friends.
One day something happened that turned Lilly’s world underside down; a gay female student was introduced into her classroom in the public kindergarten she attended.
Lilly’s best friend, Betty, warned Lilly to stay clear of the gay girl because of their Christian beliefs. Lilly agreed.
Over time Lilly observed the new gay girl whose name was Roselyn and she noticed that Roselyn was kind, polite and gentle. She couldn’t see anything wrong with her. 
One day, Roselyn helped Lilly out with understanding a Maths problem just hours before a test and Lilly pretty much passed the test only because of Roselyn. Lilly became less on her guard about Roselyn and the two to them started becoming friends.
Betty (Lilly’s Christian friend) was opposed to the friendship between Lilly and Roselyn and tried to talk Lilly out of being friends with Roselyn that it isn’t wise or right or in accordance with God’s will.
Lilly got mad at Betty and after a heated argument Lilly ended up questioning the wisdom of the Christian way and also walked away without Betty as a friend much less a best friend. Roselyn became Lilly’s new best friend. Lilly who her parents raised her to know the Lord was now best friends with a gay girl. After a long period of friendship, Lilly started to believe that she is gay too. This of cause caused trouble at home but even though Lilly was just a little girl she was stubborn and newly had become rebellious – this being the first thing has ever been rebellious about.
10 years later, Lilly was no longer just a little girl. She was now a teenager and Christians around the world had started embracing the concept that God doesn’t mind if you are gay. It became so Ok that passages that point out that homosexuality is wrong were deliberately omitted from reprints of the bible.
Lilly felt like an early pioneer of this new movement of God.
Many years later, Lilly died and Lilly stood before God. Lilly was smiling, Oh! God was going to congratulate her for being one of the pioneers of the new/interesting Christian revelation that God is Ok with homosexuality, there was no doubt about it.
To Lilly’s surprise, God pointed to a black hole beside him and said, “Go down that black hole; it leads to hell, that is where you belong for there are no homosexuals allowed in my Kingdom.”


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