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Chased By A Monster - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

 Once upon a time there lived a lovely little girl named Susan. She was a Christian girl who came from a good Christian home. Her parents where quite influential society and they loved their daughter dearly.
   Susan loved the word of God and also loved school because like many children of rich or well to do parents she had been taught early about the value of knowledge. Hence, she didn’t loathe school like the kids of poor people many a time do.
   One day, a new girl named Kate joined Susan’s class. Everything would have been cool except for the fact that she was into satanism & witchcraft. She was also very open and outspoken about it.
   Based on the ‘freedom of religion’ act which lets anyone worship whatever they want, believe whatever they want and follow any religion that they want which would support people worshiping the ghost of Adolf Hitler if begin a Nazi became a religion; Kate was well within her rights to school where she wanted and the other students where encouraged to accept her, all because of a law of acceptance that would also protect the practicing of a religion that teaches it’s followers to hate the country itself.
   Susan knew what the word of God says concerning witches so she stayed clear of Kate. She avoided her like she was chicken pox and didn’t want anything to do with Kate.
 She knew that evil communication corrupts good manners.   Unfortunately for Susan, Kate liked her and wanted to be friends with her. Kate tried time and time again to become close friends with Susan but Susan kept keeping her distance. After a significant amount of tries, Kate took a hint.
   Friction broke out subtly between Kate and the Susan.
   One day, Kate brought a rap CD to school and dared anyone to read the mirror message that was written in the CD booklet. She cleverly shifted the spotlight to Susan who was minding her own business and reading in a corner of the classroom to take on the dare.
   Susan didn’t want to take on the dare, besides something didn’t seem right about taking on the dare to her. It looked like a set up. But a set up for what?
   Eventually, because of the pressure from her class mates Susan took on the dare and read the mirror message.
   That night Susan had a nightmare that an ugly vicious and diabolic monster was chasing her and was bent on killing her, but in the dream she escaped from it before she woke up.
   The nightmares continued every single night. It was the same nightmare; it was the same monster, except that in each dream the monster tried to get her in a different way. Somehow, she always managed to get away.
   Susan being a smart girl tells her Mum about the nightmares that she has been having.
   Her Mum tells her to pray, fill her heart with the word and also the next time she sees the monster in her dream she should stand her ground and rebuke it using the name of Jesus.
   That night while Susan slept, sure enough in her dream the monster came again to chase her. She was just about to run when within her dream she could hear her Mum’s voice – she could remember her Mum telling her to rebuke the monster in the name of Jesus.
   Susan stood her ground and rebuked the monster in the name of Jesus.Immediately, the monster screamed and vanishes.
   Somehow, Susan just knew it in her spirit that that’s the last she would be seeing of the ugly vicious and diabolic monster.
   Susan told her Mum that morning about the victory she had within her dream. They did a little Mother – Daughter victory dance before Susan went to school.
   That day, while Susan was in school, Kate approached her and said, “Your Jesus must be really powerful. I want to become a Christian just like you. I got you to place a spell on yourself when you read the mirror message in that CD booklet the other day but I know you broke the spell last night. Jesus is greater than Satan.”



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