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The Fantasy Of Job Security - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a city much like where you live right now, there lived a single Dad and his only son named Matt.   
Matt was 12 years old. He lost his Mum when he was 9 and he still remembered and cherished all the precious moments they had together. Thankfully, Matt’s Dad didn’t break down and resort to drinking to escape the pain as so many men who love their wives and lose them all of a sudden normally do. Matt’s Dad’s faith in Jesus Christ plus the abundant love and support from friends in their family church had held him up and helped him deal with the pain.   A few years had past and the sorrow caused by a drunk teenage driver had been washed away. Now Matt and his Dad had moved on and only held on to the precious memories of a loving mother and wife who would always be cherished forever.   
One Saturday afternoon Matt ran screaming to his Dad, “DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!”   
“Yes, what is it?”, Matt’s Dad asked abandoning all that he was previously doing and giving his full attention to his son.   
Matt was just coming from the library. He told his Dad that he had come across some awesome info. He had just discovered while reading in the library that his Dad would never be rich if he doesn’t quit his job. Matt told his Dad that he should quit his job and start his own business.   
Matt’s Dad taught about what Matt just said then he shook his head and brushed it off. He hated to crush his son’s excitement especially since it was reading related but lets face it he wasn’t making any sense. He had a nice job – a nice high paying job that he really enjoyed. Why in the world would he want to quit?   
Matt’s Dad talked carefully as if walking on egg shells knowing that a love for going to the library to read was good – it was a good habit his son had and he certainly didn’t want to discourage that habit by telling him he believed that what he had just read in the library was wrong and dangerous to actually believe.   
Matt’s Dad subtly suggested that Matt forget about what he read and that he should try reading other books in the library. But Matt refused to change the subject – he went on and on about the new information he’d read.   
Matt told his Dad that having a job is risky and it could only end in getting fired in the name of getting retired when he gets to a certain age; or getting fired in the name of we’re laying off some people because of a business restructuring or because of an economic recession; or getting fired in the name of getting fired. 
Therefore, THE DESTINY OF EVERY EMPLOYEE IS TO GET FIRED. The blessed ones make it to being fired by retirement and hope for the pension that they worked for to be paid to them but what they don’t know is that their being paid a pension is dependent on the stock market and the economy; and as you may have noticed things aren’t always good with the stock market and the economy.     
Matt told his Dad that based on what he had read that if his Dad did not want to start his own business that he should at least invest and own a part of other people’s businesses. They would be his safety net because job security is not a part of reality, it is a fantasy.   
“Look… son, investing is risky”, Matt’s Dad said looking a little uncomfortable.    
“No it’s not Dad”, Matt replied, “it is NOT investing that is risky.”   Matt ended up pointing out to his Dad that he should either quit his job and start is own business or keep his job and become an investor also. Both courses of action would require new learning new skills.   Matt’s Dad soon decided to just keep quiet and listen. It was to only way to get his son to actually finish talking about this topic. He wasn’t buying any of whatever teaching his son was selling.   
Matt finally finished and left his Dad alone.   
Months later the economy hit a recession and Matt’s Dad was laid off. He remembered what his son had told him months earlier. Oh! if only he listened.   
Sometimes God speaks to us to inform us directly or through other people on the course of action that is best for us but do we listen or ignore God’s voice. Sometimes God speaks to us to direct us to the right path only once and there isn’t a second chance to recover from what God spoke to us to save us from if we didn’t listen to him when he spoke.   
Thankfully, in the case of Matt’s Dad, he had a second chance and started his own business immediately after he was laid off. The journey was tough but 10 years later he became a millionaire. Something that would have never happened if he had a job and also wasn’t an investor. Only a few jobs pay select employees in millions but how much do you think the owner of such a business is paying himself? The answer is : a whole lot more.



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