Always Say Thank You - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in an orphanage somewhere in England there lived a little girl named Elizabeth. She and all the other kids in the orphanage wanted to be adopted but it was really hard to get adopted. It was only once in a blue moon that someone would walk into the orphanage to adopt a child.
The thing that separated Elizabeth from all the other children in the orphanage was that Elizabeth always carried a bible. It was an old worn bible and she liked to read it all the time.
The orphanage wasn’t a Christian orphanage. As a matter of fact, the administrators didn’t know the lord. However, they had told Elizabeth that they only thing they had that gives even the slightest link to who she really is is that bible. It had belonged to her real mother. But that was all the information they had about her real parents.
Almost everyday there was a maid that stopped by the orphanage to help out the administrators of the orphanage with something. She would also bring the kids of the orphanage she met some fruits anytime she came.
The thing was that, the kids never were in lack of fruits in the first place because they could puck some for themselves anytime they wanted to from the orphanage’s garden.
So the fruits the maid brought weren’t looked forward to or appreciated by the other children. So unsurprisingly, the never said thank you when she gave them free fruits.
Elizabeth on the other hand always said thank you, not because she was in great need for some fruits but because she had read the bible and understood the importance of being polite.
The maid particularly grew fond of Elizabeth because of how polite she was. She was the only kid in the orphanage who told her thank you after she was given a fruit.
One day, the maid ‘s madam (who was a millionaire) who couldn’t have a child herself decided to go to the orphanage to adopt one. She asked her maid to escort her and also help her in her decision of who she was going to adopt.
Guess who the maid persuaded her millionaire madame adopt? That’s right, the only girl who ever said thank you – Elizabeth.


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