Girls Like Excitement - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a young African American Junior High School boy named Christopher. He was raised in a nice Christian home and had memorized every bible passage that he was taught in Sunday School. He was what you would call a good kid. A nice guy. But as far as being aquatinted with the Spirit of the word of God went, he wasn’t quite good in that area. Not that he wasn’t sincere in his ways. It was just that he was still growing in spiritual things just like every other Christian; even though he was not yet reached where many others had passed in their spiritual growth.   Ever since Christopher bumped into a girl from another class in the school hallway and she helped him pick up his books which fell down, he seemed to develop an unshakable interest in becoming her friend. Her name was Lisa. He had wanted to approach her many times since then but had backed down at the last minute.   
Today was the day however, that he had made up his mind to do it. It was going to be now or never.
Christopher approached her and asked her out, but she looked at him from head to toe as if analyzing him then she hesitantly says, No. It was as if she wanted to say Yes but there were more reasons for her to say No than for her to say Yes.
Christopher felt crushed. He then did something that he really wasn’t supposed to do. He told a friend of his who was a girl to make friends with Lisa and slyly find out the reason why she refused to go out with him.
The female friend Christopher told to help him was Margaret. Even though they were friends since pre-school, Christopher had to give her his lunch money before she agreed to do it.
After a day of false friendship, Margaret got the information she wanted.
She told Christopher that the reason why Lisa turned him down is because she thinks he’s too nice. She likes the bad boy type and she sees Christopher as someone who if she starts going out with she would find quite boring.
Later, Christopher talks to a friend named Tony about it and Tony tells him that he is not surprised. That he is always following the rules and has never broken the rules. He can’t even remember him ever doing anything against the rules since he knew him. Playing it safe is not fun. It is not risky. It is not exciting, and it is excitement that girls want Tony told Christopher.
Tony tried to talk Christopher into doing something risky. If he was not going to ease up on his lifestyle and change to the guy who doesn’t play it safe all the time, then he should at least do something risky at least once. But Christopher is like he doesn’t quite know. He’s still skeptical about following Tony’s advice but when Tony dared him, Christopher stood up and said he would do it – he would come up with something to do to break the rules. He is not a chicken.
After thinking of what to do Christopher came up with the idea that he would be leaving school early before the first bell to go to a bar which he would get into with a fake ID and then in the bar he would drink his first beer.
Tony was happy for Christopher. He was proud of him. He congratulated him and told him that it was a good idea.
After Christopher secured the fake ID he told a friend that was in Lisa’s class to pass a note {that said that he would be leaving school after the first bell to go to a bar}, to Lisa to pass it to another friend of his while the school teacher is teaching. So Lisa would think she’s helping one student pass a note from one student to another student while the teacher is teaching, while in actual fact the note is only meant for Lisa to see, because Christopher knows that there is no way she won’t look at the note first before passing it on. How many people would avoid reading an open letter that is for someone else when it is in their hands?
Sadly, the school teacher catches Lisa with the note in her hand before she can pass it on.
The school teacher reads the note and gives the note to the principal who calls Christopher’s Mum and tells his Mum.
When Christopher got to the bar, guess who had been hiding and waiting for him at the entrance of the bar? It was his Mum, the school teacher and the school principal. Oh Boy! Was he in trouble or what. 


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