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ALBUMS: Under Alfred Records:

9) Jesus Is The Reason For The Season 

8) Make America Godly Again (Acapella Version)

7) Green White Green (Acapella Version)

6) Protect Your Kids From These People (Beatboxing Version)

5) Hip Hop Is My 9 To 5

4) The Meaning Of Easter

3) The Government Doesn't Care About White People

2) Winter Is Coming

1) This Is The Christmas Album You're Looking For


SINGLES: Under Alfred Records:  

91) Black Jesus vs White Jesus

90) Drizzle Drizzle

89) Don't Let Nnamdi Kanu Die In Prison

88) Holy Saturday

87) How To Win A Grammy

86) Biden Sponsored War In Israel 

85) Christian Lives Matter

84) Black Christmas Massacre Of Christians In Nigeria

83) Batter Up Baby, Fear No Monsters

82) Ain't Nothing Wrong With Being White

81) Tinubu Must Go

80) Chicago 

79) Judas Pence (Beatboxing Version)

78) Black Cat Appreciation Day (Beatboxing Version)

77) BarbieMovie Response (Beatboxing Version)

76) Sound Of Freedom

75)  Try That In A Small Town Response

74) Lena The Plug Onlyfans Wedding Gift From Adam 22

73) If America Has A Problem

72) Tinubu Is Not My President

71) Nice On The Mic

70) Good Friday

69) End Discrimination Against Bikers (Beatboxing Version)

68) Telling The Truth Is Now Called Bullying (Beatboxing Version)

67) M - She - U (Beatboxing Version)

66) Pregnant Joker (Beatboxing Version)

65) Schwab You Need Jesus (Beatboxing Version)

64) I Stand With Mr Jones

63) An Open Letter To Peter Obi 

62) Kill The Curtain Call 2 Satanic Imagery 

61) Hov Did Nada

60) Police Lives Matter 

59) Introduction

58) Bey Stop Attacking Christianity   

57) Fourth of July 

56) Owo Church Massacre  

55) The Fountain Of Youth

54) Father's Day

53) Drag Your Kids To Pride

52) Day Off For Democracy Day

51) Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

50) Monkey Pox

49) Children's Day  

48) The Body Inside Your Body Is Not Your Body

47) Justice For Deborah  

46) Anti - Whiteism

45) Get Her Something For Mothering Sunday 

44) Justice For Johnny

43) Bidenflation

42) The Salvation Prayer

41) A Tribute To DMX 

40) Easter 

39) Sniper Out On All Digital Platforms 

38) Yeezus Awards

37) The Queen's Got The V 

36) A Song Of Encouragement For Ukrainian Refugees

35) Africans In Ukraine

34) Russophobia  

33) The Military Industrial Complex Is Back In Action 

32) Crack Pipes For Racial Equity 

31) For Russia With Love

30) The People's Convoy 

29) Praying For Ye & Kim 

28) I Rock The Mic 

27) Sweet Jerusalem 

26) Lockdown Suicides

25) Charlamagne The Ray Cist 

24) Freedom Convoy  

23) Sing Hallelujah 

22) Rap Music On Trial Bill

21) I'm Not Black I'm A Christian 

20) Buhari How Many Times Did I Call You 

19) You Cannot Curse Who God Has Blessed

18) Gingerbread Man  

17) Gingerbread House 

16) Cheers 

15) Pray For Australia

14) Mass Formation Psychosis 

13) Come Join The Army 

12) My Hip Hop Story 

11) I'm On My Poirot 

10) Can I Get A Let's Go Brandon   (Beatboxing Version)

9) Alfred Invents Proceed Rights Trading (Beatboxing Version)

8) Climate Change  (Beatboxing Version)

7) Nothing But Net  (Beatboxing Version)

6) A Hero In Kenosha

5) Hip Hop Girl 

4) We Don't Do Halloween We Do Church

3) Let's Go Brandon  (Acapella Version)

2) Runaway From Nigeria

1) The Prince & The Tramp


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Get To Know Alfred: 


   Hi, my full name is Alfred Benjamin King. Both my parents are from Oguta in Imo State, Nigeria. So long live the Igbo Tribe.

   I was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, Africa. 

   That's were I've spent majority of my life thus far.

What Was Your Childhood Like:

   My childhood in Africa was filled with many good memories and wasn't lacking in bad memories.

   In fact, as an adult I later discovered that the portions of my childhood I can't remember was a coping mechanism to block out large chunks of my childhood that I still don't allow myself to think about so therefore I won't be writing about now.

   My happy memories however came from fellowship in church, the escape I felt when praising God, watching cartoons, watching action movies, playing the early video games, listening to music and watching the same Michael Jackson Moonwalker VHS tape over and over and over again. It never got boring. Back then (unlike now) people could watch a movie a hundred times and not get bored but be excited and looking forward to watching it again.

   We didn't have cable growing up, up until my teens. So my daily dose of cartoons & movies came from going over to the neighbor's house to watch cartoons or going cross the street to play Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong in turns at a family friend's house.

   The internet did not exist anywhere in Africa at the time. In fact, only politicians and the super rich had phones in their house at the time. I don't recall seeing any laptop or knowing that laptops even existed but a handful of people in Nigeria had Desktops; including my next door neighbor. 

   Note that by African standards we were by no means poor and as a child I got everything I asked for. Then again, I didn't know about a lot of material things as a child and only cared about chocolate, assorted biscuits, watching cartoons, playing outside with my friends, and playing Super Nintendo with friends when NEPA brought the light (we didn't have constant electricity).

   What else could I want.

What Are Your Musical Achievements?:

   If you're asking for a list of awards or placks I've got none.

   It's easy to say I don't care about awards when you don't have awards but I really don't care about awards. I do however care about those placks though. I want billions upon billions of people to get every record I make. I want my songs to be Number 1 in the world forever. That's till the earth passes away I want a song by me to be Number 1 and be the most popular song in the world at any given time and for every generation.


Tell Us About Your Struggles And Triumphs: 

   My struggle music wise is getting heard. Trying to blow. Become a superstar. Become the best and stay the best. 

   My triumph music wise is that I refuse to be discouraged. I won't let anything stop me. I'll keep moving forward.

How Do You Describe Your Sound And Style:

   I can't put a current description of my style and sound into words. You'll have to listen to it for yourself.

Describe Your Fashion Style:

   I have two main looks right now. 

   Informal look: Timbs or Sneakers with baggie Indiana Jones Kombat trousers. Plain white inner shirt used in place of a singlet. Hoodie. Then a jacket on top of the hoodie. Top it of with a beanie or baseball cap.

   Formal look: Black French Suit. Unbuttoned to show the turtle neck sweater inside, with an all black leather shoe.

   However, when I'm at home which I am most of the time. I just wear a plain tee (sometimes sleeveless), shorts, and slippers.

What Makes You Different. What Sets You Apart From Other Artists?:

   To be honest, I quite don't know. I am a different person and have a different story to tell I guess.

What Inspires You To Write A Song?:

   Duty inspires me to write a song just the same way "duty" inspires a cook in a MacDonalds kitchen to flip burgers. He has to flip burgers because that's his job. It 's what he has to do. He doesn't wait for the sound of birds chirps outside to turn into a beautiful orchestra and for the clouds to move into the sky into the image of a beautiful painting and then he gets hit with a bust of inspiration before he flips a burger. No! he just flips a burger because that's his job. Hamburger franchise workers flips burgers; that's the job. Musicians make music; that's the job.

   So that's it. That's what inspires me to write songs. Occupational Duty.

    Any artist who can't pick up a pen and write a song like a clerk or banker picks up a pen and gets to work everyday; should be ashamed of themselves. 

    If you need the stars to be perfectly aligned in the clouds before you can write a good song you should learn how to write songs. They think they know but they don't know.

Who Are Your Musical Inspirations?:

   Well, my favorite musicians through time or musicians who made an impact on me music wise are as follows and not in any particular order. Mind you, most are not Christian and I would not listen to them today and have not listened to some for years but they made a huge impact in forming who I am today as a musician through their music. 

   They are: Michael Jackson, Eminem, Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Panam Percy Paul, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac, Ludacris ('Word Of Mouf' album), Sinach, Lil Bow Wow (first album), Jay Z, Nas, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Women Of Faith, and Hillsong Music.

What Are Some Of Your Career Highlights?:

   Nothing comes to mind right now, but I'm looking forward to good things happening in the future.

What Are You Most Proud Of Music Wise?: 

   I would like to say I'm proud of the xyz number of people who walk up to me or contact me and say because of your song so and so; my life was changed for the better. You saved me. 

   However, has that hasn't happened yet I'll have to be content being proud of skills; and the skill in particular I'm most proud of is my ability to write great choruses real fast. Many great artists don't have that.

What Are You Most Ashamed Of Music Wise?: 

   I suppose I should be most ashamed of the fact that I wrote my first song when I was 13 and worked towards being a musician since then, now I'm in my late 30's and no one even knows my name. I've never had a song even played on radio or get called up by a podcast to be interviewed; yet I still do music and would still do it. 

   To be fair I must add that I was born in Africa at a time when no one around me encouraged anyone being a musician and after a while I didn't pursue music like a serious thing to do for over 12 years between the age of 15 and my late 30's. It was an on off thing. I messed up.

   If I had stayed, been consistent, and wanted it more; my story would have been different. 

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