Falling Down Doesn’t Mean You Have To Walk Away - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a country called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Marcus. He was an ideal role model. He had a strong Christian background. He came from a long line of ministers and his Mum was a nationally respected Television evangelist.
Marcus was straight up good. If you wanted to know what the example of a good boy was all you had to do was look at him. He was the kid that parents told there kids that they wished they were more like. Of course this made many kids have an unspoken resentment for him. However, others kids just respected, admired and loved him for his sincerity and for the grace of God that was so evidently upon his life. These group of kids let Marcus inspire them rather than use him as an icon they put a “holier than thou” tag on, and they were better off for it. Some students would even come to him for counseling for the things they didn’t feel comfortable going to a teacher for counseling on.
Marcus was the student – elected Chapel Prefect of the primary school he attended, which means that he was elected the student that represents all the other students in the school concerning spiritual matters. He was the mediator between the students and the school authorities concerning all matters Christian. He was also the one in charge of organizing the morning and closing assembly. He was also mandated to preach during the morning assemblies or he could appoint someone else who the school authorities had approved to preach in his place for only a day, but he would have to inform the school authorities three days ahead.
Marcus had admirers and haters. Among his haters was a boy named Elvis. He was Marcus’ most obvious haters. Only from the way he looked at Marcus anytime he passed him anywhere on the school premises, you would know that if Elvis saw an opportunity to hurt Marcus he would take it even if it cost him 3 whole days of eating food.
Elvis slowly started making his already obvious hatred for Marcus even more obvious. He would make side comments about him when he was around him. He would bump his shoulder into Marcus’ shoulder anytime he passed by him. He would go around telling people that Marcus is a hypocrite, that he is claiming to be holy so the teachers would like and honor him. Elvis would always try to convince the other students that Marcus felt that he was better than them.
Marcus knew about all that Elvis was doing but he recognized that it was just persecution. It came with the territory. Persecution comes with doing the right thing. There would always be people who would be uncomfortable with someone else living for Christ and would feel it is their responsibility to make the life of that person miserable. 
Marcus prayed about Elvis and just endured and ignored everything that he did.
One day, Marcus was counseling a female student just like the other students that come to him for counseling, and Elvis approached him and told him that he was trying to steal his girl.   Marcus started to explain that he was only talking about Jesus, but Elvis started laughing at him and said that does he expect him to believe that.
Marcus said Ok! that he doesn’t want trouble so he is walking away. He can think whatever he wants to think.
As Marcus turned to go, Elvis stopped laughing, he pulled him back and then delivered a powerful blow to his jaw.
Marcus couldn’t remember what quite happened next, but Two seconds later he was on top of Elvis; raining blows upon him like the heavy tropical rains beats the leaves of the trees of the jungles of Africa.
Marcus couldn’t control himself. He couldn’t stop. It was just one blow after another and another and another.
A cry of shock from what sounded like the school principal’s voice brought Marcus back to his senses. Marcus looked up to see all the students and teachers that had gathered around him. They were too astonished to speak or move or maybe even breathe. He could see the look in their faces. He could see the first thing on their minds as he looked into their eyes. He could see the disappointment in their eyes. He could see the shock that bordered on disbelief in their eyes.Marcus felt like his soul was falling backwards out of his body into the deep unknown. He bowed his head down and his heart filled up with shame. 
Marcus returned home from school that day with his 2 weeks suspension letter. His buttocks was still sore from all the flogging he had received in school.
Marcus told his Mum everything that had happened. He was so ashamed. Tears flowed down his eyes.
His Mum held him close in her arms. She told him to stop crying.
Marcus told her that not only is he disappointed in himself for doing what he did but he is never ever going to preach the gospel in school again. How can he? He will just be looked upon as a hypocrite. Besides, if nothing else he has proved to himself that he is not worthy to preach the gospel.
After the two weeks was up, everyone in Marcus’ school knew that Marcus was coming back that day. Some wondered if Marus was going to preach and lead the assembly that day. Was he going to preach that day after what had happened?
When the morning assembly started, everyone especial Elvis was shocked when they saw Marcus taking the stage. He was going to preach.
Marcus was not going to let anything stop him from being the minister he was created to be. He knew that FALLING DOWN DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO WALK AWAY. IF YOU FALL DOWN GET BACK UP AND CONTINUE THE RACE.
Don’t be one of those who give up on Christianity because they committed one sin and think that God’s forgiveness cannot restore them. And don’t be one of those who give up on Christianity because they have struggled with certain sin(s) for years and therefore give up; saying that they would never be able to keep themselves from committing the sin so there is no point they had better walk away.   Don’t be one of those who give up on Christianity because of their struggles. God wants you to come to him just as you are. Come to him with all the garbage. Just submit to him and he would take care of you. He would take care of the garbage. Your part is just for you to submit completely.
Jesus may have died to wash away your sins and your garbage but he rose and lived again so amongst other things you can live in him without garbage whether new or old.


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