Love & The Young - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a famous children’s story writer named, Danny Cole. He loved to write stories for children. Normally & sadly, children’s stories are often about young dashing knights who rescue princesses from dragons or bad men, and the stories always ends with the line “happily ever after”; which refers to a couple living happily ever after even if they are unmarried.   
Danny wrote even deeper stories but along those same lines. He wrote really really deep heartwarming stories about princesses finding their prince charming, but he wrote it for kids. They had nothing obscene in it. They sold like wild fire and his publishers couldn’t be merrier.
Danny had a younger sister who worked in a library in New York. She was a Christian. 
Occasionally, she would come to New Jersey to visit him and catch up as family but she would also tell him that she thought that his stories where a little bit intense and that little kids shouldn’t be mentality fed with stuff about finding their dream guy – their prince charming and living happily ever after. 
She said that little kids have a whole live in front of them and they shouldn’t be made to be concerned about this kinda stuff right now. She told him that although he may be making a lot of money and parents aren’t complaining about the effect his kind of stories is having on his audience, he is ruining kids’ lives insidiously.   
Danny always brushed off what his sister said about his stories until one day during one of her visits she went on a particularly long tirade about how his stories is negatively affecting kids’ minds. That was the last straw. Danny couldn’t take it anymore and he and his sister got into this big fight that ended with Danny establishing that his sister wasn’t allowed to visit him anymore.
A few years later, Danny and his wife had a beautiful little baby girl. She grew up on her Dad’s stories and by the time she was only 9 years old she taught she fully understood the concept of LOVE.   
More than anything else in the world Danny’s daughter wanted to have her own prince charming. Her prince charming – her dream guy was a 13 yr old celebrity singer in Hollywood whom she had a poster of on her wall.   
One day, Danny came back from a meeting with his agent, his wife was practicing some new slow dancing moves in front of the TV but she stopped to welcome her husband back from the meeting and to ask him how it went. 
Normally, Danny’s daughter was the first to rush to the door and welcome him anytime he came back home from anywhere he went. It was odd that she didn’t now.   
Danny wondered where his daughter was. He called out her name a number of times lovingly but audibly so that it could be heard all around the house but still no one came or even answered. That was strange.   
Danny and his wife marched into his daughter’s room. She wasn’t there but there on her bed was a note.   


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