Fake Pastor Exposed - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a little girl named Roselyn. She was smart, charismatic and the most influential student in her school. She might have been only 13 but she was far more mentally advanced than age.
Roselyn had an honorable aspiration for her future. Her role model was Pastor Paula White. She wanted to be just like her when she grew up. She wanted a own her own church. Reach out to people around the world through a TV ministry and help poor people across America and in every other part of the world.
Roselyn was already listening to sermons everyday and reading every Christian children’s book she could get her hands on.
Kids in her school would come to her anytime they needed advise. Everybody loved her and some how everybody taught she was cool especially because she loved everyone and didn’t look down on anyone.
One day, Roselyn heard of something that a preacher she used to listen to his sermons said. Roselyn couldn’t believe that he would say something like that so she did her research online and found out which sermon DVD he said that in. Then Roselyn begged her Mum to buy her that DVD, she didn’t tell her Mum why she wanted it, she just told her Mum that she needed to listen to it.
After Roselyn watched the DVD and saw for herself that the preacher really said that. She was angry and threw away all her other DVD’s of that preacher that she had. She also deleted all the free podcasts that she had downloaded from his ministry on her iPod.   It disturbed Roselyn deeply. She knew that it was wrong to speak against a man of God. She knew that the right thing to do was to pray for a man of God, but the thing was that she was just too mad at him to pray for him.
Roselyn just could’t get the matter out of her mind. She soon started bringing it up and complaining about it almost anytime she hung out with her Christian friends.   
She wanted to make a video about it and post it on but she knew that somehow that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It just looked like something that Jesus wouldn’t smile upon. At the same time, Roselyn felt like she had to do something big to expose the preacher for what he said otherwise he would lead a lot of people astray and then Jesus would not be pleased with her because she didn’t do something about it in time to save those people.
Thus, Roselyn was torn between two paths. What choice should she make? What choice was the right choice to make? It soon starts eating at Roselyn’s heart and one night she had trouble sleeping. She just couldn’t help thinking that the Pastor must seriously have something wrong with him.
The next day Roselyn made a video talking about what the Pastor said on the DVD and she posted it on under the title; “FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED.” 
Within two days alone the video got like 10 thousand views. It started going spiral and many people started linking to it and talking about it on their blogs. Maybe it was because of Roselyn’s charisma, maybe it was because of the authority with which she spake, maybe it was because of the facts that she gave, or maybe it was because of the fact the she was so young and yet so intelligent and had drawn their minds to something they had not observed before.
People that new Roselyn saw the video. Her close friends from church saw the video. They didn’t know that she was planning to do that type of video but still they weren’t too surprised.
Roselyn’s Mum saw the video. She made it clear to Roselyn that she didn’t approve of what she did and she told her that it wasn’t her place for her to do what she did.
The viewership of the video grew rapidly, but it later started slowly down and almost became stagnant when it passed over a hundred thousand views. The video never got to have a million views but at a certain point, before the rate of viewership started slowly declining she taught that it would.
The Pastor and his ministry did not respond to the video but somehow it was obvious that it would be silly for anyone to think that that video did not affect his ministry when you consider the views, comments, video responses and blog recognition that it got.
As time went on Roselyn was able to get her mind away from the all the drama of the FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED video. She was now able to return to her normal life of preaching the gospel to folks in her school and studying her bible regularly.
One day, while Roselyn studied her bible, she came across a passage of scripture that validated what the Pastor had said. Oh – My – Gosh! the Pastor was not preaching heresy. What he was preaching was from the word of God, he just didn’t give any bible reference in the DVD but it was totally in-line with the word of God.
Roselyn prayed to God for forgiveness. She was wrong. She was sorry. And she had put him on blast. She had blasted him on the internet over something that he was right about and she was wrong about. She had done something wrong because she did not know a scripture therefore couldn’t understand the revelation that the Pastor was giving on the DVD. Because what he was talking about was one of those hard to understand teachings of the bible that requires really really deep bible study and the presence of the Spirit of God in your life to understand.
Roselyn quickly pulled off her FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED from It had been months since it had been online. She then made an apology video as quickly as possible and posted it on
The Apology video didn’t get so many views. For as long as it stayed up it only gathered 276 views.
Roselyn then found out that trying to pull down someone’s reputation sells more than trying to build up someone’s reputation.
Roselyn was sincerely sorry and she told as many of her friends that she could that she was wrong. She also had to explain to them using that particular scripture how he was right.Roselyn also told her Mum what was going on and she told her about the apology video.
Roselyn’s Mum told her that she was proud of her and that she did the right thing by making and posting the apology video.
Roselyn resumed listening to the Pastor and she re-downloaded all his ministry’s podcasts into her iPod once more.
As time passed, the Pastor’s sermons become a huge blessing to her and she kept on excelling in her spiritual growth and in her academics all through her schooling years.
After college, Roselyn kept on growing famous and in time she abbreviated her first and middle name because it had a certain ring to it.
She’d grown up into a very successful preacher. She won souls and saved a lot of lives. She was finally getting closer to her childhood aspiration of positively affecting the world like Pastor Paula White did when she was a kid. The only thing was that she didn’t have a church of her own yet. She had no money to pay for a building to use as a church but she had written many books and had her schedule filled with invitations from other ministers to preach in their churches.
One day, as a guest on another ministry’s TV show she voiced her aspiration to start her own church but that she had no money.
Weeks later, Roselyn was nominated amongst a few other young ministers to be given the money to start a church by a joint fellowship of all Pentecostal churches in America.
The joint fellowship was another organization founded by the same Pastor that she had attacked on as a child.
When the time for the award came, all the nominees came forward. Roselyn was announced the winner. She would be the one given the money to start her own church.
As they were about to hand her the award the person presenting her the award had to say her name in full. Just then, someone made the connection when he heard her full name and he asked “Aren’t you that girl that made that Fake Pastor Exposed video on youtube?”   Needless to say, Roselyn felt immersed in shame. They committee changed their decision and the gave the money to someone else to start their own church.
Roselyn cried that day when she got home. Now she had felt the sting of the scripture that says, “Who are you to judge another man’s servant?” {Romans 14: 4}.


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