Angels Watch Over Us While We Sleep - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

   Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Kelvin. He was a good boy but he was afraid of the dark and he was scared that that was when the boggie man comes to get little kids.
   He is afraid to tell his mum of his fears too.
   Kelvin’s elder sister used Kelvin’s fears to prey on him.
   Kelvin’s Mum figured out what something was wrong but Kelvin doesn’t want to tell her what it is.
   That night Kelvin’s Mum she refuses to leave his bedroom light on and he begs and begs and begs.Kelvin’s Mum’s suspicions where right, her son was afraid of the dark.
   There was no point in pretending anymore so Kelvin tells his Mum everything. He tells her that he is afraid of the dark and of the boggie man.
   Kelvin’s Mum’s explains to him that God cares about us so much that not a strand of hair of ours falls to the ground without him knowing. He always watches and protects those who are his and give his Angels charge to watch over us when we are awake and when we are asleep too. She also told him that the boggie man wasn’t real that it was all in his mind.
   Kelvin gained confidence. He trusting in God. If God had put Angels around him to protect him then surely nothing and no one could harm him.
   Kelvin’s Mum kissed Kelvin on his forehead and stood up to leave. She intended to leave the light on for Kelvin but he requested that she put it off.
   Kelvin’s Mum smiled. She put off the light and then she left.
   As Kelvin closed his eyes to sleep, he heard a voice that said, “I hate the light but now that it’s dark there is nothing stopping me from coming to get you, now you should be very afraid, you better run and go crying to Mummy.”
   Immediately Kelvin responded very audibly, I’m not afraid of you, why should I be? God’s Angels are keeping watch over me and believe me you do not want to make them mad.


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