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Don’t Be Afraid To Learn How To Use New Technology - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Grandma Stacie was excited. She had just won a special gift at her Church’s Christmas Season celebration picnic. 
Her 12 year old Grand-son, Jimmy was also excited and wondered what it could be within the beautiful package that the assistant Pastor had just given her.
When they got home Grandma Stacie unwrapped the gift and there staring back at her was the latest version of the most advanced commercial mobile phone in the world. Grandma Stacie had seen the advertisement of the phone before so she knew what it was. However, she also knew that the last thing she wanted to do was to start learning how to use that kind of phone. Ever since the ancient turn and dial table phone; she hadn’t been able to learn how to use any other phone after that generation of phones.
Jimmy was happy and excited about the gift Grandma had received but he soon notices that she was sad.
With a surprised look on his face Jimmy asked Grandma Stacie why she wasn’t happy.Grandma Stacie told him that she would never be able to learn how to use the new phone.
Jimmy told her No, that it’s easy. He told her that he would teach her how to use it. It is so easy to use and so user friendly that the device’s manual is just a two page pamphlet, she would certainly know all there is to know about it in no time.
Grandma Stacie doubted that it could ever be that easy. She offered Jimmy her reasons why she taught she would never be able to learn how to use the new technology. She taught that what she gave were really solid reasons until Jimmy countered them eloquently one by one.Grandma still did want to agree with Jimmy by she had nothing to say to support disagreeing with him so she decided to let him teach her.
Jimmy showed her how to use the phone for days. Grandma Stacie would just watch what Jimmy was doing as he would explain the features and sometimes he would tell her to do some things he just did with the phone herself as she learnt.
As far as Grandma Stacie was concerned, all the learning wasn’t going anywhere so she told Jimmy to stop all the lessons, that she’s had enough. She said there is no point in having the phone because she would never know how to use it so she told Jimmy that he can have it. 
It is now his.Jimmy was very happy. He thanked his Grandma over and over again and then he ran to his room and started downloading games to play on his new phone.
That night, as Jimmy got on his knees to pray before he went to bed like he did every night. He heard the voice of God telling him to give the phone back to his Grandma.
Jimmy was disappointed to hear this. He tried to talk God into changing his mind but it didn’t work.
Jimmy couldn’t sleep that night.
The next day, Jimmy deleted all the games that he had downloaded and gave the phone back to his Grandma.
His Grandma didn’t understand why he returned the phone but Jimmy said that he just didn’t feel right about it. Grandma Stacie tried to convince him to keep the phone but he told her that the phone was a gift to her – it was meant for her. It won’t be right for him to have it. He told her that it’s better that it just remains on a table with no one using it than for him to use it. He has made up his mind. Nothing was going to make him take the phone.
Grandma Stacie knew she had no choice but to oblige.
As time went on, Grandma would often need to use one of the apps that Jimmy said the phone came with. She had seen Jimmy use apps on the phone that she knew she could really use in her daily life. Like the “Daily Tasks Organizer” app. If only she knew how to use it, she would have had her day more organized and she would be more productive everyday.
Grandma Stacie would only look at the phone as it sat on a table and think about the things she is missing by not being able to use it.
This went on for a long time until one day Grandma Stacie was reading a very exciting Novel and she came across a word that she did not know its meaning.
Grandma Stacie looked for a dictionary everywhere but she couldn’t find one. She remembered that one of the apps that Jimmy had shown her in the phone was a dictionary app.
Grandma Stacie looked at the phone as it sat on a table in the distance.
She looked away. What was the point? She can’t use that phone. But then Grandma Stacie taught about the Novel she was reading. Would she not be able to get past this point in the story and find out what happens to the characters in the story all because she won’t at least try using a cell phone?
Grandma Stacie took a deep breath in. Then she walked to the phone, picked it up and put it on. She was a bit nervous that she would spoil something. But she soon sees the app labeled dictionary and uses it. She did it. Victory.
As she wanted to switch off the phone, another app would catch her interest and she would open it and use it. This went on and on and on. Anytime she would want to off the phone she would see another app and open it. 30 mins later she was still using the phone. She had forgotten all about the story in the Novel. She couldn’t put the phone down. She was enjoying herself. Uh – Oh! that’s when it hit her. There wasn’t anything at all on the phone that she couldn’t do.



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