Jerry's Curiosity - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Jerry. He was a Christian boy but he was always curious about everything and loved to poke his nose into things that were just not any of his business.
One day his mother sent him to the supermarket to buy some things. On his way to the supermarket Jerry noticed a crowd of people gathered by the side of the road around a man. Jerry walked up close to find out what the man was doing – Jerry just had to know what had made the crowd to gather.
Jerry couldn’t quite figure out what the man was doing because it all looked too confusing but after about 20 minutes or so he figured out that the man was doing magic tricks. Jerry got angry and left. He had never fancied magic tricks.
Jerry continued his walk to the supermarket. When he got there he put all his Mum told him to buy in a trolley and as he headed to the checkout point and put his hand in his pocket to bring out the money to pay he realized that the money was not there.
Right then it hit him what the man he had stopped to see on the road was really doing. He was attracting curious people and creating a distraction while an expert pickpocket that worked for him was busying going around unnoticed picking the pockets of all those who stopped to watch.
Ouch! His curiosity had gotten the better of him. Now what was he going to tell his Mum?
I bet next time he won’t be so curious.


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