Injections Freak Me Out - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little Christian girl named Nancy. She was also a Tomboy and she loved to play soccer with her friends everyday after school. Her Mum allowed her to play outside after school as long as she finished her homework first and also finished the little shores she had to do around the house. She loved playing more than anything and she loathed injections more than anything.   
One day, after Nancy’s Mum had brought her back from school, Nancy’s Mum told Nancy that should would be coming back a bit late so she and her twin sister Becky should be good. She (Mum) would be going to a missionary doctor’s house to discuss some church matters with him as she was one of the key coordinators of the church’s affairs.   
That day, after Nancy finished her homework and her shores she was about to rush out with her ball to play soccer but it started to pour down rain.   
Nancy was ballistic. She couldn’t believe it. Just when she was about to have some more fun it just started to rain.   
Nancy’s Mum never allowed Nancy to play out in the rain so Nancy knew what the rain beginning to fall meant to her opportunity to play. But wait, there was something different this time. It was that her Mum wasn’t around. Even though she knew that if her Mum was around she wouldn’t have let her go out to play in the rain, Nancy still stepped out into the rain.   
Nancy’s twin sister, Becky pulled Nancy back into the house. A little argument followed which was followed by Becky saying, “don’t say I didn’t warn you”, and Nancy saying, “you are not Mum. I can do whatever I want.”   
Nancy tried to get the other girls who played soccer with her to get out of their house and play with her but they all taught that she was crazy for wanting to play in the rain.
Nancy was angry with them and a bit disappointed. If they didn’t want to have fun she would still have fun. She decided to go back inside the house and bring out her and her sister’s basketball ball so she would shoot hoops under the rain in their backyard. She had always been a strong willed person.   
Becky just relaxed and watched her sister from inside the house like someone who was watching a cartoon.   
5 hours later, Nancy was lying in bed sick.   
Becky walked over to her sister and said, “I told you so.”   
Nancy was too sick to have the strength to argue. She however began to softly plead with Becky that she shouldn’t mention that she is sick to Mum because she just knew that Mum would take her to the hospital and they would give her an injection and nothing freaked her out in the world more than injections.   
Becky told Nancy that she couldn’t be serious because Mum would still find out by herself that she’s sick when she sees her, even if nobody says anything.   
Nancy still begged Becky to keep quiet. She told her that she had a plan to keep Mum from finding out anything is worth doing if it would keep her from taking an injection.   
Late that evening, after their Mum arrived Nancy pretended to be already asleep and already tucked up in bed while Becky welcomed Mum into the house.   
When their Mum entered the twins room to check up on Nancy, Becky distracted Mum to prevent her from getting close and kissing Nancy Good Night because then she would feel her temperature and know that Nancy was sick.   
Somehow the plan worked and it looked as if Nancy would get away with going to sleep sick.
Later that night after everyone one in the house had retired to bed, Becky told Nancy that she didn’t think it was a good idea for her to go to bed sick that she had a really bad feeling about it.
Nancy told Becky that she knew what she was doing. We told her everything would be alright.
A few hours later, Nancy was now shivering in bed, the sickness had grown worse. Nancy forced herself to endure, anything was better than injections. She tried to force herself to sleep but woke up five minutes later feeling a whole lot worse. At his point it became clear to Nancy that if she didn’t get help soon she wouldn’t make it to the next morning.   
Nancy woke up her sister to wake up her Mum and tell her what’s going on.   
Nancy’s Mum quickly rushed Nancy to the hospital with Becky accompanying them. And as you would guess Nancy was given an injection. It was then that Nancy realized that injections like most things in life (example hard work) may not be pleasant or the most fun thing in the world to do but at the end of the day it is the result that it brings that makes it worth while.   
Don’t be afraid of injections or anything else you know is good for you but is not pleasant to do. The result it would bring should be what would steer you on.


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