The Devil's Helping Hand - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called China, there lived a little Christian boy named Wong Ming.
Wong lived alone with his grandmother. She was the only family that he had but according to the doctors she would soon die. They gave her a couple of weeks tops.
Wong did all he could to help his grandmother. He prayed and even travelled far to visit pastors and churches to ask for help. Since medical science couldn’t help his Grandma, maybe something spiritual could.
Wong search far and near but he couldn’t  find anyone to help. Wong gave up and decided to return home. It’s best his Grandma’s last days are spent with him by her side.
While Wong was on his way home, he came across an old woman. Even though Wong never told her anything about what he was going through, the old woman told him what was going on in his life. She also said that she can heal his Grandma but it would have to be by black magic.
BLACK MAGIC?, Wong was very uncomfortable with the thought of black magic. As a Christian he had been taught that Black Magic is nothing but evil and those who dabble with it are pure evil too.
Wong was like, “No! thank you,” and started to walk away but the old lady held him back and said that if he truly loved his Grandma he would be willing to do whatever is necessary to save his Grandma.
The old woman was very persuasive. She knew all the right words to say. By the time 5 minutes were up Wong had totally agreed with what the old woman was saying.
The old woman gave Wong a magic portion to use on his Grandma.
When Wong got home and used it on his Grandma. His Grandma instantaneously got well. He didn’t want to tell his Grandma that he used Black Magic on her. That would make her Freak Out. So he told her that he prayed. That she has God to thank for her healing.
Just as he finished speaking he started having the symptoms that his mother had. It took him a while for him to figure it out but the black magic charm had exchanged his Grandma’s life for his.
Wong ended up dying. If only he refused to compromise he would have still been alive, and if only he studied the bible more and prayed for his Grandma for real, she would have been alive too.
It just goes to show that we should do things God’s way and never give the devil a chance to get a foot in the door.


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