Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a place much like where you live right now, there lived a nice Christian family. They were raised in the way of the Lord and they looked out for one another in their family.
The big girl in the family was Cynthia. Today was a special day for her because she had an important job interview that bagging would mean she would finally become what she had spent a live time of schooling preparing for.
Cynthia was still getting ready to go for the interview though. Even though she woke up early, she was the kind of girl that took a lot of time to get ready. As she rushed past the kitchen to get her break fast her Mum left for her on the dinner table she sees her little sister accidentally spill the only milk she had left. Her little sister now had nothing to use for her cereal.
Cynthia’s little sister started crying. Cynthia told her not to cry over spilled milk and rushed past her to keep getting ready.
Cynthia’s Mum didn’t know where Cynthia was so she shouts loud enough for her to hurry; so no matter what part of the house she is in she would hear.
Cynthia shouts back “I’m hurrying Mum”, in an equally informative but not angry tone as she runs up the stairs.
When she finally finishes getting ready, she prays to God that everything would go well. She picks up her car keys and heads out of the house as she screamed, “Wish me the best Mum.”
Cynthia drove quickly and responsibly but because of parking lot issues at the company, by the time she’s through parking her car she’s late. The security man kept giving her issues on where she could park and where she couldn’t park. After she’d parked where he had said she should park, he would come back saying that she didn’t park properly, so she had to get back into the car. By the time she was through with him she was extremely agitated and one little nudge would have been enough to make her blow her top. She was already late, even if it was only by a few minutes it, late still meant late and she knew how badly that could reflect on her.
As she ran into the elevator, she accidentally ran into a guy holding a cup of hot coffee and it spilled all over his expensive new suit; ruining it – causing him great pain as the hot coffee splashed against his skin and also causing him great pain at the loss of his new suit. He didn’t know if the cleaners would be able to get if off but even if they could, he had no spare clothes at work. Would he go through the rest of the day with coffee stain marks on his clothes?   Cynthia apologized but her apology didn’t really look convincing. All that was truly on her mind was not being late for the interview. As soon as the elevator door was open and Cynthia had reached her floor, she threw some tissue paper at him so that he could clean himself up, said that she was sorry one more time and then zipped straight out the door.
A few seconds later, a secretary showed Cynthia into the office where she would be interviewed then left.
Cynthia sat down and waited, she wondered where her interviewer might be.
Suddenly, the office door she just came in through flung open and in walks a familiar face. It was the guy she had just spilled coffee on. He was still trying to brush off some of the coffee on him using the tissue she threw at him. As he saw her sitting there and realized that she was once of the people he was going to be interviewing, his frown got even deeper. At this point his frown could scare away a bull dog. 
Cynthia gulped.
When the interview started, the man just kept glaring at Cynthia with eyes burning with anger, maybe even hatred.
Before the interview was half way through he interrupted her while she was still speaking and said, “You know what? We’ll call you. Show yourself out.”
Obviously, the man had wanted to say that ever since the moment he saw her sitting there.
Cynthia understood perfectly what was going on in his mind. The room had been cold since the last five minutes.
Cynthia slowly stood up and packed her resume back into her bag trying not to cry. As she got to the office door, she turned back and said, “I’m really sorry about the coffee.”
“Whatever” he said not even looking at her. Then over the intercom he instructed his secretary to bring in the next interviewee.
Cynthia sucked back the tears until she got home. She had been complaining to God in her mind all the while she was driving. She now sat on her bed with a box of tissue paper, crying. All those dreams out the window just because of one little mistake.
Cynthia’s little sister finds Cynthia crying in her room and asks her what’s wrong.Cynthia blew her nose into a tissue and managed to hold her tears back enough to say, “I spilled coffee over my boss.”   Her little sister gently touches her on her arm to console her and said, “Don’t cry over spilled coffee”
Cynthia got irritated, that was the last thing she needed to hear. Anger was about to well up inside Cynthia, but just then she hears the Holy Spirit talk to her from within her. He says, “Don’t cry over spilled milk, get a rag and clean up the milk.”
Cynthia wondered what it could possibly mean. Then suddenly, a light goes on in her head. Rather than sit there crying when something goes wrong, and giving up all hope. We get up and fix it.   
Cynthia quickly wipes her tears, grabs her keys and rushes out the door.
When she gets to the office she finds the man she poured coffee on with his own boss. By then all the interviewees had gone and the interviews where finished.
They had probably already given someone the job.
However, Cynthia wasn’t going to let that stop her. She greeted both men and started apologizing to the man she poured coffee on; who was clearly surprised to see that she returned. In any case, he still wouldn’t accept her apology. He refused to even give her an answer. His boss however, who was standing there now; asked for the full story and when he heard it he laughed and told the man to lighten up. He asked for her resume and she gave it to him. After glancing through it he ordered the man she spilled coffee on to give her the job. He tells him not to ever let his personal emotions get in the way of his business decisions, also mentioning that Cynthia has the perfect resume for the job and she also obviously got the determination to go with it. Why, not hiring a perfect candidate because they spilled a little coffee on you is like CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK.


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