The Youngest Of Five Brothers - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Canada there lived five brothers. They were all beneath the age of 13 and all attended the same school.
One day an outside visitor came to their school and the teachers gathered all the students into the assembly hall irrespective of their classes. They ended up receiving a special lecture on first aid.
The five brothers have always been very playful, they didn’t listen and they joked amongst themselves with the exception of Thomas. Thomas was the youngest and unlike his brothers he loved to listen to educational things. He didn’t agree with his brothers who taught that learning all the time and being into educational things wasn’t cool. 
On the contrary, Thomas taught that is was not being into educational things that was uncool, that was what his Sunday school teacher always said and unlike his brothers he believed it. This kept him at a distance from the four brothers he loved so much. Even though they let him roll with them they didn’t treat him like one of them. They treated him like a cross they must bear.
After school that day, the four brothers decided to go skate boarding in a secluded place which looked like something out of a skate boarding video game. The fifth brother – Thomas begged them to let him come along too. They told him that he couldn’t he’s too young he won’t be able to skate the terrain without injuring himself.
“Ok! I promise I won’t skate I will just watch”, Thomas their little brother said.
“Thomas”, the eldest brother spoke up, “the thing is we won’t have as much fun if you are there.” With that, the four brothers left the fifth brother behind.
Thomas stalked them. He wanted to be around his brothers whether they like it or not.
Minutes later while skating at the secluded place, the eldest brother fell and injured himself when trying to do a skateboarding move he saw in video game.
There was nobody in the secluded place - no one to help, and the eldest brother was in agony.
They were scared. Two brothers ran get help.
Thomas who was hiding and watching them skate came out of his hiding place. He checked out his brother’s leg and told him that the first aid guy from school that day had told and shown them what to do when something like this happened. Apparently, out of the five brothers only Thomas paid attention.
Thomas did what the first aid guy said to do and later at the hospital the doctor explained that if Thomas hadn’t done what he did that quickly his brother ‘s condition would have been much worse.
His four brothers ended up accepting him into their fold but 1st of all they made a change. They now believed all things educational are cool and started loving to engage in educational activities like their youngest brother – Thomas. Thanks be to Jesus.  


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