I’m Only Eating All This Now Because I Don’t Know If I Would Eat In The Evening - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little Christian girl named Cindy. She loved the Lord with all her heart and loved her Mum and Dad too.   
Cindy wanted to be a child actor and she made her Mum take her to audition for roles. Her Mum was very supportive because she was an actress too but she wanted her daughter to start staring earlier than she started starring in movies. She wanted to give her daughter the early opportunity that she wished she had. She could relate with her daughter’s dreams now because they were similar to her dreams when she was her age.   
Cindy’s Dad was also very supportive. He also was in the movie business too but he was not an actor.   
Since Cindy and her Mum were Christians they could not accept any and any role. Cindy’s Mum had to read the script inside out because Hollywood is sometimes heartless and would cast kids in the most inappropriate and evil roles imaginable; not caring about what damage they are doing psychologically to the actor or to their audience.   
Even though Cindy wanted to star in a Christian movie, Cindy’s best bet was to star in a “Family Friendly” movie; because Hollywood hates to talk about Jesus unless they are using his name as a curse word.   
Cindy’s Mum finally struck gold. She found the best script she could possibly get. It was very family friendly even though it had a scene that was a little disturbing, her daughter’s character would not be in that particular scene.   
Cindy auditioned for the role and she won. She was very happy. She had gotten her first big role in a major motion picture film.   Cindy, her Mum and her Dad went out to celebrate.   
Cindy’s Mum became her official manger even though she was still an actress herself and had her own manager.   
Shooting schedules where hectic and Cindy often times didn’t know when she would be eating. She went from having fixed times for breakfast, lunch and dinner to having lunch at dinner time and sometimes even having breakfast at dinner time.   
Her new world was really taking a toll on her and sometimes because of confused, mixed up and unknown times for her next meal; Cindy often found herself hungry during takes.   
To make matters worse, since Hollywood is skinny – crazy; Cindy’s character was supposed to be skinny.   
Now that won’t have been a problem if Cindy had a fixed and regulated eating schedule but sadly she didn’t and since her Mum wasn’t always there because she had her own acting roles herself; she didn’t observe every little thing that Cindy was struggling with because of her new life even though she observed some things and helped her daughter out with the things she needed help in knowing.   
One day, another little girl on the set was in Cindy’s dressing room. They had come to be friends even though Cindy knew the girl was not a Christian. The girl’s name was Jessica.   
Cindy complained to Jessica about her problems with the impromptu shooting times and her forever changing meal times.   Jessica told Cindy that she is going to give her some advise as a friend on how she herself handles it but she must promise not to tell anybody even her Mum.   
Cindy promised.   
Jessica told Cindy that she should always eat two meals or three meals ahead and skip the meals she added to her “2 in 1″ meal when the time for that meal comes. In other words, in the morning she should also eat her afternoon food if she is not sure that she would be free in the afternoon, then when afternoon comes if she happens to be free she should not eat that afternoon because she already ate her afternoon food along with her morning food. That way even if she not free in the afternoon she would not feel it.   
It sounded wise to Cindy. She thanked Jessica over and over again for sharing with her; her precious show – biz success secret.   Cindy didn’t tell her Mum about it. She started practicing what she had learnt from Jessica.
The lady that Cindy’s Mum told to watch over Cindy when she was not around saw what Cindy was doing and cautioned her about it but Cindy didn’t listen to her since she was not an actress. After all, what did she know about show – biz? Cindy was only bothered that she had not practiced her show – biz success secret secretly enough, and somebody had found out.
Cindy became more secretive about her new eating methods so that nobody else would be able to know her precious show – biz success secret which she had learned from her very good friend, Jessica.   
Cindy often found herself still eating her afternoon food even when she ate her morning and afternoon food in the morning.   Cindy didn’t notice that she was now faced with a new struggle that stood the risk of making her fat, as opposed to her old struggle that only stood the risk of leaving her hungry a little longer than normal; until Cindy could not fit into her costumes one day.   
The director was furious. The costumes were expensive. They could not start sewing new costumes to fit her added weight with the budget they had.   
The director, like the rest of Hollywood was skinny – crazy so to him; a movie with a female lead actor any short of skinny wasn’t good even though it was a family friendly movie.
The director started thinking of a solution while Cindy was trying to lose weight, still eating with her new eating formula that Jessica had given her.   
No matter what Cindy did, she kept gaining weight until a fitness trainer was assigned to her and found out about her strange eating formula.   
Before Cindy could begin to properly loose weight, some of the studio heads where already angry with the delay in the shooting and so they took advantage of a clause in her contract that would have almost needed a magnifying glass to see to kick Cindy off the set.   Cindy’s eyes opened when Jessica laughed at Cindy and told her that they had given her her former role.   
Cindy now learnt a real success – secret: that we should be cautious about making friends or receiving advise from people; especially when we find ourselves in environments where the people are notorious for being ungodly.


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