The Story Of The Dog Hater - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time but in a time not too far back in time at all there lived a skinny young man named Frank Wayne, but everyone called him Frankie. He wasn’t a Christian. He hated animals, especially dogs and liked nothing more than to torture dogs or see them suffer.
Frankie had a very tough childhood. He didn’t feel loved. He was raised by a single Mum who didn’t really care about him, she felt her job as a mother was done if put some food on the table. Thus she was a provider but not a mother. She didn’t even know what was going on in her own son’s life.
Frankie never knew his father. He had to teach himself how to be a man. Sadly and naturally, he didn’t do a very good job.
Frankie now lived on his own. He worked as a car mechanic. Whenever he wasn’t doing that he was making the lives of any dog he encountered miserable. He would chase dogs with large sticks. He would set up dogs to fight themselves just for personal pleasure. He would even go as far as setting bear traps for dogs in the woods by the river, which he knew was a place a few dogs especially stray ones loved to hide bones or look for bones.
One afternoon as he finished setting a bear trap he looked up and saw a little boy standing in front of him. Frankie leaped up in fear. He was always careful to make sure no one saw what he was doing. He never wanted anyone to know what he did concerning the bear traps for dogs so he always made sure no one was around first. How come he didn’t see this little boy coming? Where did this little boy come from? He was positive there was no one in sight before he had started to set the traps.
“What do you want?”, Frankie shouted at the little boy hoping to intimidate him and then scare him away.
“I know what you’re doing”, the little boy said, ignoring Frankie’s earlier question.
Frankie tried to pretend but the boy told him just what he was doing and also told him to stop it.
Frankie was dumbfounded at first but he later regained his wits and told him to mind his own business.
The little boy told Frankie that God doesn’t like what he is doing, and that cruelty to animals is a sin.
Frankie lost it and rained abuses on the boy, then he worked away leaving the set trap there.
Frankie felt a little bit worked up, at he went home he headed straight for bed. No sooner had he laid down and closed his eyes that he heard what sounded like a multitude of barking dogs around him. 
Frankie looked around him and it was just that. He was surrounded by a pack of really mean looking dogs. How did they get in? But there was no time for asking questions, Frankie had to run away as fast as he can and run away he did. He dived through his open bedroom window and ran screaming for help. It was like there was no one to help him. It was like no one heard him. 
The dogs cornered Frankie and the only place for him to run to was into the woods. Frankie ran and ran but in the back of his mind he knew it would only be a matter of time before the big scary ferocious dogs get him.
Frankie zigzagged through the woods. Now for the first time in his life he started regretting being cruel to animals. He ran and ran and ran then he tripped over a branch and fell. The dogs immediately surrounded him.
Frankie put his hands in front of him to futilely protect himself as he screamed and cried mammoth tears at the same time. He started screaming and saying that he would never hurt any animal again. For the first time in his life Frankie talked to God and started begging God that he would never hurt another animal again and that if God can help him walk away from this with his life that he would be extra nice to animals. 
Suddenly one of the dogs turned into the little boy he had talked to earlier from the woods. Then the little boy started walking forward towards Frankie, as he walked in changed into a big strong handsome angel. Frankie peed in his pants.
The angel told Frankie that this would be his last chance. God is going to forgive him but if he ever is cruel to another creature of God he would regret it.
Frankie agreed and with tears in his eyes and a great amount of fear in his heart he promised to never hurt another animal again.
The angel told Frankie that when he reads the first few chapters of the book of Genesis he would see that before the fall of Man, God’s original plan for man was to take care of the animals. 
It’s still one of the responsibilities God has given Man today. 
Frankie nodded his head in agreement.
Suddenly, the angel and all the dogs disappeared, kinda like the just turned into wind.
That was when Frankie’s eyes opened. It had all been a dream. After his encounter with the little boy in the woods he had gone home and fallen asleep. 
Dream or not, Frankie had learnt his lesson. He ran to the woods and removed the bear trap he set for dogs.
From that day on, Frankie was nice and kind to all of God’s creatures especially dogs.


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