The Cute Little Puppy That Popped Up In My Backyard - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Australia there lived a lovely little Christian girl named Christina. She lived in a small but lovely sub-Urban home with her single parent Mum who loved her as much as greed loved money. They had moved there from America and where still trying to get used to life in Australia.
Christina loved dogs and had begged her Mum over and over again to get one but her Mum’s NO! Remained steadfast. So you could imagine Christina’s joy when a puppy popped up in her backyard when her Mum wasn’t at home.
Christina couldn’t pin point the exact species of the dog but it was very cute all the same. It had no collar so it didn’t belong to anybody. At least if it did, the fact that the owner allowed it to wander off without a collar means that the owner should kiss it Goodbye.
Christina convinced herself that the puppy was a gift to her from God. She also convinced herself that the reason she would hide the puppy from her Mum is only because she just won’t understand that the cute little puppy is truly a God – Sent gift.
For three days although it wasn’t easy, Christina kept the existence of the puppy living in their house a secret from her Mum, until the fourth day when her Mum wasn’t at home. She was playing with the puppy when all of a sudden she heard a very strange loud barking sound. She looked up and in front of her stood a wild mean looking animal. It looked like a dog but it wasn’t a dog. Only then did Christina notice the similarities between the puppy in her lap and the ferocious looking animal standing in front of her. Could this be the animal’s baby in her laps? If Yes, then she’s in big trouble.
All her doubts where put to rest when the little animal in her laps got up and ran to the larger animal in front of her and shared what one might call an animal’s version of a Parent – Sibling I've missed you hug.
What happened next was what Christina – thought, No!, was afraid would happen first.
The large ferocious looking animal pounced on Christina and dug its large scary teeth into her right away.
Christina’s life flashed before her eyes. Is this how it would all end? She couldn’t even hear herself think over her cries of pain.
Fortunately, her loud cries of pain sent the neighbours rushing out. Mr. Smith  was holding a hunting rifle in his hands and as soon as he saw what was happening, he shot the animal sending it falling to the ground with a loud thud.
The Neighbours helped get Christina to the hospital. They also called her Mum, who came running faster than a deer on a race for its life.
After the Doctors and Nurses were through with Christina in the Emergency Room, she was sent to a private ward where she was allowed to have visitors.
She told her Mum and the Neighbours how she had deliberately done what her Mum didn’t  want her to do and had kept the puppy that popped up in her backyard.
Mr.Smith explained to Christina that it wasn’t just a dog, that it had been a wild Dingo all along. An animal every native Australian knows better than to expect it to be friendly and homely like a dog. 
Christina told them that she had learnt her lesson and as God said in the 10 commandments of Moses. “Honour your father and mother so that your days would be long.” She would see to it that she would be good and do what her Mum says and wants. Doing what she knew her Mum wouldn’t want had certainly almost cut short her days (on earth). After Christina was discharged from the hospital, her Mum brought home a gift some days later.
“SURPRISE!!!”, her Mum said. 
It was a puppy – a real puppy.
Her Mum explained that she was just worried about the responsibility of Christina owning a dog at her very young age, and that she personally has never been fond of them; that was why she had refused to buy Christina a puppy.
But since Christina wanted a puppy so much, that she had decided to buy her one.
But surprisingly, Christina refused the gift. She didn’t want a puppy any longer. She’s had her share of bad experiences in that department, Thank you. If she wanted to play, she could just bring out a board game for her and her Mum to play or she and her Mum can have some really memorable family time with the Christian video game, “Dance Praise 2.”
And so Christina’s Mum had to return the puppy. Christina and her Mum lived happily ever after. Thanks be to Jesus.


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