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But I Want To Spend My Christmas Holiday Elsewhere - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Sasha. She was raised in a nice Christian family and right now she had a bit of a problem with her parents.
Her parents wanted them to spend Christmas at Grandma’s, but Sasha wanted to go to a fun family camp like her friends. The camp was so well equipped and cool that it made kids forget about Disney land even though it wasn’t as big as Disney land in size. It was like 2 camps in one. One for kids, and the other for grown ups and parents.
Sasha didn’t understand why her parents didn’t want to go to the camp. If they went to the camp; everybody wins. They would get to have fun at the grown ups section and she would get to have fun at the kiddies section.
Sasha’s parents still insisted they go to Grandma’s. They were firm about it, they weren’t going to budge.
Sasha begins crying but her parents are already quite used to her starting to cry only to get her way.
As Sasha’s Mum sighs because of Sasha’s crying; the phone rings and Sasha’s Mum tells her husband to start packing as she answers the phone. 
Sasha waited for her parents to come back so that she would resume her crying from where she left off. There was no point in crying when nobody was there. However, her parents seemed to be taking too much time and soon Sasha’s eyes begins to get heavy.   Seconds later, when Sasha opens her eyes; she is an old lady. It is Christmas and she is waiting for her grand children to come see her, but the hands for the clock keep ticking & ticking away and there still is no knock at the door after 3 hours of waiting.
The pain of being lonely at such an old age wraps around her heart and Sasha feels its bitter grip killing her.
With each passing hour, Sasha fell deeper and deeper into the open well of loneliness. She wondered why none of her children or grand children would come and see her. She felt rejected, old, worn out and unloved. The mere taught of her kids not wanting to spend time with her at Christmas made her skin itch.   
More hours passed by and still their was no knock on her door from any of her children. Then her boredom skyrockets until she can’t take it anymore.
Sasha screams and wakes up out of her dream.
Her parents protectively rush to Sasha to see why she’s screaming.   Sasha stands up and cries out with conviction, “I WANT TO GO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH GRANDMA RIGHT NOW. I WON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE.”



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