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Brotherly Grudge - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, there lived two brothers. They were often the best of friends but today something had gone wrong that had changed everything. Or to be more accurate, Jamie had wronged Timmy and Timmy couldn’t believe that Jamie had done what he did to him.
No matter how many times Jamie had said sorry, Timmy just wasn’t going to let it go.As Timmy, Jamie and their Mum got into the car to drive home from school, Mum begged Timmy to forgive Jamie but Timmy said, No!
As they sat in the car and Mum started driving home, Mum told them that if we want God to forgive our trespasses we must forgive those who trespass against us. If we hold grudges against people because of the wrong that they have done to us, then we want God to hold a grudge against us for all the wrongs that we’ve done against him. 
“Do you want to forgive your brother now and start talking to him again?”, Mum asked.
“NO!” Timmy answered loudly as he folded his arms and made an angry and determined face in the passengers seat.
Mum sighed and prays to God in her mind that God should please intervene so that Timmy would let go of the grudge.
Jamie who was sitting in the back sit tried talking to Timmy but Timmy just closed his eyes as he began to hear another one of Jamie’s apologies.
Timmy’s eyes remained closed. A few minutes later he heard his Mum scream and he quickly opened his eyes. He opened his eyes just in time to see the truck that was coming at full speed crashing into them.
Timmy died.
As Timmy opened his eyes he found himself standing in front of heaven’s gates. The beauty of the gate alone was enough to make you forget about missing planet earth. As Timmy was about to enter heaven God appears in his way and tells him that he can’t possibly be thinking of entering heaven when he has un-forgiveness in his heart. 
God then tells a creature standing at a corner to escort Timmy down into a close by pit that leads to hell.
Timmy begins to cry. He begs and begs and begs but the day of judgment is not the day of repentance. 
Everyday that is not judgment day or the day you die is another day for you to repent if you have something to repent from.
The creature carried Timmy, walked over to the pit and throws Timmy into the pit with all his might.
Timmy starts screaming and that’s when he wakes up in the passenger seat of the car. He had fallen asleep when he closed his eyes after his brother started apologizing to him again.
Timmy turned around and looked at his brother who was in the back seat and said, “I forgive you.”
Their Mum who was driving and still in a mood of prayer said to God, “Wow! God that was fast. Thank You.”



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