The Forbidden Book Stack - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl name Sandra. She grew up in a home that had all the wonderful material things that life had to offer. Sandra’s parents weren’t Christians but they were the kind of people whose Christianity went only as far as ticking Christianity anytime they filled a form that asked about their religion, also if they were really bored on Christmas day because what they had planned to do wasn’t as satisfying as they might had anticipated, then they might stroll into any close by church they see that looks good from the outside.   
Sandra on the other hand liked to go to a Church near their house because: she had friends there, she enjoyed the sermons in the Children’s church, she taught the teacher there was fun, but most importantly she wanted to have a relationship with Jesus.   
Sandra wasn’t forced to go to church and she was only allowed to go to church as far as her personal maid escorted her.   
One day, Sandra’s Mum walks into Sandra’s room and finds her reading a book for grown ups. Sandra’s Mum collects the book from her and tells her not to read such books that she’s too young to read such books. She tells her that anytime she sees a book, movie or music CD with a warning on it indicating that it is for adults she should stay away from it because the information in it can ruin a younger audience.   
Technically, anything that can ruin a kid can ruin an adult, but Sandra’s Mum didn’t know that. What she knew, even though it wasn’t 100% correct was quite helpful and it was what she had just told Sandra.   
Sandra however felt that her Mum was just being a Mum. She underestimated how intelligent she was. Surely, anything an adult can handle she can also handle. So Sandra still went ahead and read the books behind her Mum’s back. Most of the books belonged to her Mum and her Mum would stack them in her own personal wardrobe which was different from her husband’s wardrobe.   
The books didn’t contain unclean images but they contained a certain percentage of inappropriate language.   
Sandra could hear a voice in her head telling her that she shouldn’t continue reading the books, that the books are not good for her but Sandra casts the voice aside and continued to sneak into her Mum’s wardrobe to pinch books as long as they weren’t one of the ones at the very top of the various rows of books.   
Sandra enjoyed reading the books and hiding them under her pillow anytime she heard her Mum’s footsteps coming towards her room for a lovely & fun Mother – Daughter chat.
One day, Sandra talks to her friends in school about what she read the previous day. The next thing you know everybody was calling Sandra a rotten girl. Next, she is in the principal’s office with a very angry principal calling her parents.   
Guess who ended up getting spanked later on big time at home?   
Next time, when Sandra is given instructions she wouldn’t think it’s wise to disobey.


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