Demons In Comic Books Are Just Entertainment? - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Tony. He was raised in a good Christian home and was fortunate to have parents that deeply cared about him.
One day, Tony asked his parents for money to go to the book store and buy Comic books.His Mum told him to buy Christian comic books and not just any and any secular comic book and then she gives him the money.
When Tony gets to the book store the secular comics catches his eyes. He could feel his conscience warning him to stop looking in that direction but even from afar Tony loved the art on the cover of the comic and he finds him self walking towards the regular comics bookshelf instead of the Christian comics bookshelf.
Tony glances through the pages of a secular comic book he picks up. He likes them. He buys them. He takes them home to read them but he hides them from his Mum.
Tony soon got pulled into the story line. He enjoyed the story so much that he started buying successive comics in the series and all other comics from the same publisher that had the same feel: that showcased artistic talent even though the art was mostly of demons and vampires and other sorts of monsters. Tony just had to make sure that his Mum never saw those comic because only God knew what his Mum would do if she saw him with such comic books. But he knew that what ever his Mum would do to him if she saw those comics won’t be pretty.
Tony had a few friends in church who told him that story lines like the ones in the comics he was reading that had twisted versions of bible based teachings were purposely written as an attack against the bible. But Tony loved the comics too much and he trusted the writer even though he never knew the writer. He told his friends that it was only entertainment that even though the stories look like twisted bible teachings that make Satan look more powerful than God it is just a coincidence. The writer doesn’t even believe in God.   As time went on, Tony started making friends with some other kids who also bought the kind of comics that he bought from the bookstore that he bought them from.
As he grew closer to his new friends over the months, he soon found out that they were Satanists. He wanted to run away from them when they told him that they were Satanists but they told him that he should not be afraid of them that Satanism is not what he thinks it is that Satanism is just about Empowerment and Freedom.
Tony listened to them and the more he listened the more he bought into the lie.
What they were telling him were like a more livable version of the comics he had come to love. 
Tony got an invitation into their coven about a week later.
He went and he enjoyed his experience and all the things they did. It was not quite what he expected it to be but everything they did was certainly against the bible.
Tony’s new friends told him that if he dedicates his life to Lucifer, Lucifer would offer him wealth and riches untold. They all called the names of some famous billionaires from around the world and they told him that they too belong to covens of their own and at one time had to make pacts of their own just as they as asking him to do today.   Tony taught about it an then he agreed to make the pact. They perform some rituals on him and tell him that he had been given a spirit guide otherwise known as a demon to guide him and protect him.
The next day marked the beginning of Tony’s new life as a Satanist. He now no longer looked as sin as sin but as fun. His motto now became the recipe for disaster: Do what thou wilt.Trouble began to brew between Tony and his Mum. For the first time in his life he argued with her and because of the demons now in him he enjoyed it.
Tony and his Mum soon begin to fight and argue regularly, and Tony’s lifestyle became a moving picture of sin.
One day, while hanging out with his friends at the coven, they ask him to cast a spell on his baby sister.
Tony told them that they were crazy that there is no way that he would want any harm to come upon his baby sister and why do they even want to hurt a baby?
They told him that he must do it, that they want him to kill his baby sister to prove his loyalty to their coven.
The argument turns into a heated one and it soon becomes violent and physical. Tony punched one of them and ran away. He was not going to go back to that coven no matter what.
From that day, Tony started having nightmares and all sorts of strange things started happening to him.
Tony’s mother reached out to him but he didn’t want to tell his mum anything.His mum tells his Dad what is happening to him so his Dad went into Tony’s room to talk to Tony. A simple inquiry soon turns into a confrontation.
Tony beat up his Dad and his Dad went running out of Tony’s room. It was the demon working in Tony that made him stronger and strong enough to beat a grown man even though he was only 12 years old.
Tony’s Dad runs to church, but by the time he returns with a Pastor Tony had run away.
Tony finds himself in the middle of the woods. It was the demons that took over his body and made him run out of the house. As Tony walked about in the middle of the woods he started seeing visions of creepy things. It bugs him seriously and he tries to kill himself.
At the moment Tony tries to jump on a sharp pointy tree branch that was on the floor so that he could kill himself and escape all the torment of all the images that he is seeing, his Mum happened to be praying for him at that moment and he feels something travel though his body and then he falls to the ground feeling weak. Tony sees a series of demons leaving his body and then he sees an angel of God looking down at him with his sword drawn. The angel was probably the reason why the demons left. Tony then passes out.   When Tony wakes up he is on his bed at home. His parents had formed a search party to look for him and they had found him in the middle of the woods. Tony’s Mum told him that she, his Dad, the pastor and some members of their church who were texted to pray for him; had been praying for him for a long time now until God gave them a word of knowledge that everything is alright and they knew it in their spirits that everything is alright.
Tony then said, “Mummy please look under my bed you would see a carton there.”
Tony’s Mother did as she was told and she pulled out a carton. It was full of comic books. She was shocked and said, “What is this?”   Tony answered, “Stuff that we are going to burn together.”


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