Don’t Laugh At People Because They Are Fat - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

   Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived an incredibly handsome Prince. He was good mannered and he acknowledged God in all his ways.
   The Prince was single and it he had long past the age that custom demanded he pick a bride. The Prince wasn’t even seeing anyone at the time and even though he had proved himself a great many times to be a great leader who is full of nobility and great courage it was quite clear that the people needed a Princess who would one day become Queen. There were lots of present pressing diplomatic duties that was meant for a Princess alone that were left undone. So there was no putting off the matter for sometime in the future. The Prince had to get married soon.
   The Prince decided that he would attend the greatest social party event of the year wearing a disguise and at this event which he was sure that all the single and eligible ladies would attend, he would study all of them and pick his bride.
   At the party, everything was quite normal and as the Prince expected there were a lot of eligible ladies there. The Prince just simply stood by, alone at a strategic corner where he could get a good view of almost everything that was going on. Quite frankly, he was getting bored and began to think he was wasting his time until he noticed a young beautiful fat lady walk in. She walked in a bit shy and unsure of herself and for some reason she seemed to draw the attention of the other ladies.
   The Prince couldn’t quite understand what was going on between the ladies but it sure did look like all the other ladies didn’t like the fat lady very much.
   A while later into the party, the ladies were having a lot of fun and they got together to play a game. The fat lady wanted to join them but the other ladies started making cunning and rude remarks about her weight. It started getting a little heated but then one of the ladies who was blonde, pretty and also skinny; opposed all the women and told them that they weren’t being fair. She single handedly stopped all the women from picking on the fat lady and took the fat lady to a corner and consoled her.
   When the beautiful blonde & skinny lady she finished talking to the fat lady and left her feeling happy and good about herself in-spite of what people think. The Prince approached the beautiful blonde in his disguise and told her that he was extremely impressed by what she did and that it’s rare to see a woman with a heart of gold like hers.
   The beautiful blonde said thank you and politely started to walk away but the Prince caught her by her arm. Then with his other arm he took away his facial disguise and she gulped in fear and shock as she recognized him. People around started turning to them and sounds of shock and surprise started to feel the air. Nobody had known that the Prince was there.
   The Prince got on one knee and said, “It would be an honor if you would go on at least one date with me but as it is I would like to got on dates with you anytime the moon shines in the sky.”
   Unsurprisingly, a few weeks later they were totally in love and crazy about it each other. In a matter of months they were happily married and lived happily ever after facing every new challenge together with love and acknowledging God every step of the way.   You know this is how it would be at the rapture. No one knows when the rapture would happen but when it does, if you are here would you be doing something that a Christian should’t do or would you be doing something that is pleasing to God?
   The beautiful blonde lady was chosen by the Prince because of what she did when she didn’t even know the Prince was watching. What kind of things do you do when nobody is watching? Do you do things that if people found out you did they would be disappointed in you? Just know this, who you are in secret is the real you.


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