Filling Daddy’s Shoes - written by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called the wild - west, a man – a young man named Bill stood above his father’s grave stone with tears in his eyes. It had only been two weeks since Bill’s dad passed away yet every part of the wild - west cried out as evidence of how upside down the wild - west had gotten since it lost its number one sheriff to a sniper’s bullet on a cold snowy night.
Bill’s father was a true hero and with him gone came a new question: ‘Who would fill his shoes?’
The random side talk all through the wild - west put more pressure on Bill. People where wondering if he was able to fill his father’s shoes. Days ago he heard a baker saying that Bill’s son would chicken out of the responsibility.  
Standing over that grave, Bill made a promise to his father that he would not let him down, he’ill prove himself worthy to be his son – he would walk in his father’s shoes.
The first few weeks of Bill being the sheriff of the wild – west wasn’t easy. He met a lot of opposition but after some years folks were convinced he was more than capable of being the sheriff of the wild – west. He hadn’t beaten his Dad’s record yet but he was impressive none the less.
Word on the street was that even Big Daddy – the head of the largest criminal syndicate in the wild – west had started to fear Bill just as he had feared his father. Bill had already busted a lot of Big Daddy’s operations and put some of his finest men in prison where they belong.
Unbeknown to the hear-sayers and gossipers, he was closer to bringing down the great Big Daddy than they taught. He would achieve what his Dad spent the latter part of his life trying to achieve but couldn’t. He had been tipped off that Big Daddy would be handling some illegal business personally at a secluded warehouse.
Bill stormed the warehouse only to have Big Daddy the veteran criminal give him the slip.
That night while Bill sat at the dining table to have dinner, a sniper’s bullet came flying through the window and went straight into his chest.
Hey! What do you know Bill filled his Dad’s shoes after all. The shoes fit so well that he would be joining his Dad soon. Bill was killed by the same person that killed his Dad – using the same gun that killed his Dad. It turned out that when people got too close to stopping Big Daddy, Big Daddy ends them. 
If only Bill had known that just because your parents are successful at something doesn’t mean you should too; his biography wouldn’t have been a sad story. 
Everyone has his/her own destiny. Trying to walk in someone else’s shoes means trading your destiny for a destiny you weren’t made for. Even though you come from a long line of outstanding brain surgeons it doesn’t mean you have to be a brain surgeon too like your ancestors, and if you are a parent, don’t get carried away by the outstanding professions of your ancestors and don’t get mad if it ends because your kid wants to be something else. Still love him/her and encourage him/her to be all God created him/her to be.  


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