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Police In London Are Now Using Attack Dogs On Anti Vax Passport Protesters : United Kingdom News Updates

Al Sharpton The Race Hustler Deflects Responsibility Of His Failures To His BLM Base & Says Biden Is Stabbing The Black Community In The Back : American News Updates

Social Media Companies Supports ANTIFA Calling For Violence Against Christians & Conservatives Worldwide Freedom Rally : American News Updates

800 Unvetted Afghan Refugees (and Taliban Affiliates) Forcefully Injected Into The Small Christian Farm Town Of Harskamp With A Population Of 3500

Why Hasn't The Republican Party Called For & Persisted On The Impeachment Of Joe Biden? : Alfred Speaks

Gunmen Kill 32 In Plateau State In 4th Week Of August 2021 : Nigerian News Updates

Churches Need To Start Suing The Government : Alfred Speaks

America Now To Negotiate With Terrorists Under The Biden Administration : American News Updates

Remember All The Celebrities That Persecuted Trump & Cast Biden As A Savior Are Responsible For The Tragedies In Afghanistan & All Future Tragedies From Biden : Alfred Speaks

Why There Is About To Be A Rise In Terror Attacks In America & The Western World : American News Updates

Nigerian Politicians & The Nigerian Media Are Paid To Make Nigerians Slaves : Nigerian News Updates

Why Was The US Army Instructed To Leave Billions Of Dollars In Weapons Behind While Leaving Afghanistan? : American News Updates

The Democrat Leadership Plan To Return To Outdoor Mask Mandates Whether You're Vaxed Or Not : American News Updates

Vax Passports For Western Canada : Canadian News Updates

Joe Biden Threatens To Use New Business Requirements To Drain Cashflow Of Private Companies Who Don't Force Employees To Get The Vax : American News Updates

Lady & Her Kids Gets Attacked At A Prayer Event by ANTIFA/ BLM : American News Updates

The UK Rolls Out Rainbow Police Car Fleet : United Kingdom News Updates

Over 75 Doctors In Florida Protest Against The Unvaxed : American News Updates

The Taliban Taking Afghanistan Is A Victory For Those Who Have True Power In America : American News Updates

Unasked Questions That Proves American Puppet Masters Engineered The Taliban Takeover : American News Updates

Twitter Continues Trump Ban But Refuses To Ban The Taliban : American News Updates

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The Voyeurs : Movie Reviews - by Alfred

The D'Amelio Show : Series Reviews - by Alfred

Nightbooks : Series Reviews - by Alfred

Nigerians Need To Sue Individual Nigerian Government Bodies For Pushing The Vax While Knowing It Doesn't Give Immunity : Nigerian News Updates

Man Denied Heart Transplant Because He Didn't Take The Vax : American News Updates

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