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Churches Need To Start Suing The Government : Alfred Speaks


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Click Here To Download: Churches Need To Start Suing The Government : Alfred Speaks 

Broadcast Notes:

- We should do it now while we still have the right to do it 

- If we don't do it, no one else would 

- Governments are violating Religious Freedom rights all across the world in different form and to different degrees when it comes to Freedom

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to tell all churches that you need to start suing the government do it now while you still have the right to do it because in the future you will not have the right to do it

understand this also if we do not do it no one else would there are certain rights that are being taken away from the people in the name of protecting the people that is now the new strategy that the government is is using you have situations like they are setting um states even in nigeria where they are now saying you have to have proof of vaccination before you enter the church that is what they are talking about these kinds of things they will test it in one state and then they want to spread it out and this is the kind of thing that they are spreading out in different parts of the world we as christians we must speak up look at churches for example um christ's embassy how many people have gone there sick and came out healed how many people that hospitals have given up on have gone into christ embassy's healing school and came out healed yet you want to ignore what the leader of that church is saying because he's a christian because it's a church this is what he says about health has a lot of weight and should have more weight than any doctor

the people that the doctors cannot cure he is curing they are going to the healing school of christ's embassy and they are getting healed as well as different churches churches all around nigeria there are different churches where you you have to check out the testimonies this is something that you can prove this is something that is proven this is not fiction this is something that is real but yet you want to discount it and you only want to believe in what is so-called from an expert it has to be from something that is western um ideology approved whatever the globalist agreement if globalists wake up one morning and cnn a lot of that wants to now recognize miracles from supernatural means then it will now become cool and okay but right now it is like oh because this healing is not from a hospital it is not valid or what you see um um people before your eyes being healed you can see all the numbers the people who come with the doctors report and with all kinds of illnesses in different churches who get healed and even um the the reality of things is that you see if christians don't stand up for our freedom with regards to things like the vaccine other things you see so many so many um liberties will be taken because this is how it starts now the government is telling you you have to have a vaccine passport before you enter the church next thing they will tell you what you you preach what you have to believe and then who to vote for and all of all kinds of other things because this is how it starts you see there are a lot of religious freedom rights all around the world that are being violated in different forms and to different degrees all over the world if christian don't start there's not one church that i know that has stood up to sue any government official christianity you know makes up the group of people that are easiest to attack when you attack them you keep attacking them they keep falling back and then at best the so-called leaders will twist what they believe or try to explain the bible to adjust it to what the government is doing the more the government removes christianity removes christ from from the churches the more most of these modern churches look for ways to adjust their belief system and preach that it is okay look at all the pastors that came out to support binary look at all the pastors that are preaching for the facts look at the pastors that are saying that if you don't take the verse you are a sinner that jesus is unhappy with you that you will go to hell there are churches who are taking that stand it is funny that way that when the government dishes out money to setting pastors and dirty ministries they sing the tune of the government it says so much you know i thank god for preachers preachers like pastor chris you know i'm very impressed that he stands by what he believes what he's what he believes is what he is he says he does not look at what people are going to think you know and it's unfortunate that among the popular preachers he's the only one that has spoken out to this degree you know against the rights of christians that the government is trying to strip away and about the facts and things of this nation it is unfortunate but the christians need to um stand up against this we need to start swinging it time will come where it may get to the point where we have to take up weapons but being slaves is not something that we are going to do we are not going to sit back and allow the government to make us leaves and then get to that point where we own nothing and we are expected to be happy that is not going to happen but if at the very last resource it means picking up weapons that is that is what is going to happen because you know um give me freedom or give me debts that is the a very popular phrase and a lot of people don't understand that america's existence is an insurrection american's existence is an insurrection against the british government so you have to understand that and understand where christianity is coming from nero tries to destroy all christians pharaoh tried to destroy all those who believe in god there are so many other emperors many people have come and gone these people are just kidding but you see we must stand and we must fight for what we believe but right now we can still sue the government and we also have to go into official government positions and we must have representation this christianity has to become a protected group more than the lgbt now the lgbt and all these other groups are becoming protected and they are kicking out christianity and you know persecuting christianity they believe you know they are making christianity bigotry and the persecution of christians of no reports look at the situation in afghanistan the people who are at most risk there are christians but the mainstream media keeps quiet they know it irregular afghanistan a regular afghanistan currently in afghanistan only taliban if you're a muslim it is still the same poverty you had before that you still have now what difference does it make now they are setting rights that are going to be stripped from you and you will not have to abide by strict sharia law but in any case you're a muslim aren't you happy with sharia law it is a christian it is those muslims who converted to christianity who are in afghanistan that are now in soup they are now in a boiling pot of soup because understand that there is no video that has come out of taliban or i mean that's coming out of afghanistan that is not approved by the taliban the taliban makes sure it is illegal for you to film without the taliban's permission so they can kill as many people as they want to there are there are churches in america that have links to christian groups in afghanistan who can no longer contact the leaders of those groups what do you think have happened to them understand that the taliban in their belief system their way to heaven their shortest god to heaven is to be killing christians killing infidels that is their ideology so to them that is like gold while this guy converted from islam to christianity under sharia law which they are imprisoned on the people a muslim who converts to christianity will be killed that is sharia law and that is now what is being in place and of course this is what biden wants to now um negotiate with and work with this is only result of christians not being in positions of power and using wisdom and we are still putting ourselves in a situation where we persecution continues nigerians need to start nigerian churches start suing the government start seeing the different government organizations because soon your rights and every freedom that you have will be taken away from you and you can mark my word about it and at the end of the day it will now be a lot of people who will fall out of christianity and say you know what forget all this bone against him forget about burning tony the other chick and they pick up guns

think about all the nigerians in the notes who have had to see their families slaughtered and the government does nothing during this administration how many how many people have died and media silence the government and the politicians are only interested in their own pocket and are interested in shipping out money for their own kids what happens to the nigerian who no longer has parents now somebody puts a gun in his hand he will take the gun and now start oppressing others and who is he going to be able to oppress other poor people or the person who is struggling or you know has tried to build a legitimate business it is not the politician for now that he is able to reach with his own activities so think about these kinds of things if christians don't do anything nobody else would and many things in life like this have the timeline there will be a time that the action of swinging will no longer be an option it will be too late for that that being said check out our for more


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