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800 Unvetted Afghan Refugees (and Taliban Affiliates) Forcefully Injected Into The Small Christian Farm Town Of Harskamp With A Population Of 3500


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Click Here To Download: 800 Unvetted Afghan Refugees (and Taliban Affiliates) Forcefully Injected Into The Small Christian Farm Town Of Harskamp With A Population Of 3500

*The Art Of Conquering & Colonizing The West In The Name Of Granting Asylum To Refugees*

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about what happened in a little christine farm town you know that has or used to have like 3500 inhabitants and recently the government just placed 800 afghans into the towns it's interesting how there is a great replacement and when you talk about the great replacement people now call you racist to be go to all kinds of things they are trying to replace western society with the worst from third world countries if you are in a country like nigeria and you want to go to america or uk legally it is difficult and the government keeps making it more difficult the price for you know securing visas and all of that everything is rising it is difficult for the responsible people in nigeria for example to go to uk if you've not been there before you know for people who want to newly apply the same thing for america is almost impossible but if that nigerian decides to go through an illegal roots that is the way and that is why that's the indigo roots have now been monetized a lot of people are now doing a lot of human trafficking and that has turned into is close to being a trillion dollar industry it has been a multi-billion dollar industry throughout these years all a lot of the people who are going to america through mexico i'm not from any of those surrounding regions some of them are from china some of them are from northern africa but they follow this expensive route they take a plane from here to here that is a lot of money and then they go through all kinds of um painful routes that are controlled by criminals and by drug cartels and of course most of these people end up in sex slavery and their parents or their relatives at their home country don't know it sometimes they lose touch of these people but this is all aided by this first um migration nonsense and it's only the worst now with what is happening like for example in this um chris center the afghans that are coming majority of them are terrorists and majority of them have a different cultural and ideology so that is a complete change and it is it is like a different kind of war you know this is an interesting way to fight a one to win a war just by re republican nations with people from the nation that you want to be the winner for more check out


- Lana Lokteff: Last night in a little Christian farm town (Harskamp 3500 inhabitants) there were protests against the forced placement of 800 Afghans in their tiny little town where people still wear wooden clogs. The town does NOT want it!:

- Omroep PowNed: Protest Harskamp tegen Afghanen escaleert: 'Het zijn NSB’ers!':

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