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Best Sellers : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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A cranky, retired author reluctantly embarks on a final book tour to help out a young publisher.


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hello everybody i'm alfred i'd like to talk about the movie bestsellers it's very unique because it's deals with a specific target audience those who are into writing you know but it's one thing to actually sell it to those who love reading and those who love what writers create writers are basically in the background but there is basically about um some folks who work with a publishing film you know who needs a bestseller you know for the company and they contact you know a writer who is no longer writing and it's about basically gets him back into writing and we have seen this kind of plots with basically a cartoon that came out or actually the trailer for it came out you know um early this year so it's that kind of um story you know him being brave and getting back out there and getting his walks there they took some shots at christianity and the bible which i do not like you know that is unfortunate you know um it's very important as christians we take over the entertainment industry and we write better stories because every story is better as a christian one that being said check out alfredo's vip thank you

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