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Police In London Are Now Using Attack Dogs On Anti Vax Passport Protesters : United Kingdom News Updates


MP3 Download Link:

Click Here To Download: Police In London Are Now Using Attack Dogs On Anti Vax Passport Protesters : United Kingdom News Updates 

Broadcast Notes:

- They've demonized conservatives, Trump supporters, White people who believe they deserve equal rights & privileges with Dark Skin people, men right and everything that they don't agree with; they've lumped it into one big bundle

- They didn't give BLM this kind of treatment

- This shows what the people in Government think of the people

- Those who think you're unaffected now bcos you're pro Vax, what happens in the future when the government would force you to do something you're against

- Boycott companies that place Vax mandates on employees or customers

- Join or start an anti government tyranny movement

- Gather signatures or lend your signature to make the Government know you're anti Vax

- Put pressure on your council men & women to fight against the vax passport

- Call for the WHO, Fauci, Gates, the CDC, the mainstream media networks to be held accountable for their lies.

- Government officials should be jailed for granting Vax companies immunity from lawsuits as a result of the Vax and Vax companies should be sued for pulling off the crime of the century 

- Never stop fighting don't give up. The people should run the country not a few elite who pull the strings of puppets. The strings being sponsorships, The puppets being politicians.


- London Cops Are Using Attack Dogs Against Anti-vaccine Passport Protesters: 

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