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America Now To Negotiate With Terrorists Under The Biden Administration : American News Updates


MP3 Download Link:

Click Here To Download: America Now To Negotiate With Terrorists Under The Biden Administration : American News Updates 


Broadcast Outline:

- Impeach Biden

- End Wokeness

- Drain the Swamp

- Charge mainstream media corporations who intentionally lie to the public with Treason and give executives & the so - called journalists Life. Also shut down the companies and seize all profits and assets. 

- Have another Presidential Election that mandates Voter ID and has a proper voter counting system that is transparent to every American.

- Social Media & Silicon Valley companies should be charged for hate crimes for discrimination against conservatives and discrimination against political views they don't agree with.


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the fact that now on that president's biden america now negotiates with terrorists when jaisaki was asked about this matter that does this now mean that america will go against its long-standing policy and now starts negotiating with terrorists janseki said no however the reality on ground is that a taliban controls most of afghanistan that is basically saying yes that they are going to negotiate with the taliban they are going to negotiate with terrorists so now um in addition to their intentionally leaving weapons behind for the taliban to pick up because under president trump and due to the abraham accord you've had four years of zero funding to key terrorist organizations and of course every heroin needs civilian how can there be a war on terror if the terrorists don't have money the terrorists have to be financed because the terrorists have to have weapons they have to use reports to do the tarot and the finances and the financial systems and the financial organizations and banks make money from that because you see now it is a matter of demand and supply the demand is survivor the demand is to live that is what the people have and that is what fuels the war they have to live and of course the terrorists are the threats to the survivor so by sponsoring the fighting of the war and by sponsoring giving the terrorist weapon you are making money from the continuous war that is why um america spent so long in afghanistan when they should have never even gone there in the first place and if they when they shouldn't have had to stay if it was a sincere world that was not monetizing the way that it was they would not have had to stay for more than a month but that being said what needs to be done is that biden needs to be impeached there needs to also be an end to workness because anything that weakness touches turns into a disaster a catastrophic disaster that a lot of times people don't know but many nations you know who get touched by wokeness will not be able to stand up because a lot of times when nature's fall nations that we're number one when they fall they never rise back up to number one that is the way it has always been egypt had his day rome had his day you know under napoleon france was looking like it is going to you know win you know you could look at germany you could look at the asian chinese dynasties a lot of times when nations fall they never rise again to number one it's very difficult and if they ever do it takes centuries for them to do so so workness needs to end draining the swamp needs to be done this is something that president trump started but clearly you can see there are a lot of corrupt and evil people in the american political systems the swamp has to be drained also there has to be an accountability system for mainstream media companies you see mainstream media companies who intentionally lie to the public and it's clear that the intentionality thanks to project veritas we have the secretaries of cnn and all of that you see those things should be taken seriously very seriously and what those people are doing what the corporations are doing is treason they should be charged with treason their executives and the so-called journalists should be put in prison for life they should be given life imprisonment and the company should be seized all its profits and assets needs to be seized then there needs to be another election there has to be another presidential election after joe biden is in peace and camilla should not be given an opportunity because she's part of the swamp you know she is a great disaster there needs to be another election and voter id has to be required and there has to be a voting council system that is transparent to every american that every american can see what is going on and be show beyond the shadow of a doubt that everything is fair then social media and silicon valley you know companies from that industry and from that world needs to be charged with hate crimes for discrimination against conservatives and discrimination based on political views that don't agree with the ceos political views or the political views of the board of directors or key people within the company all this discrimination against political views and against conservatives on facebook twitter instagram you know on tick tock on by google by apple and all this those companies should be charged with hate crimes and crimes against humanity and the ceos the executives the board of directors should be held through accounts and the companies need to pay price for that thank you god bless you check out alfredo's vip for more


- Blaze TV: Fox Reporter STUNS Psaki Into INSANE Admission About Negotiating With Terrorists: 

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