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From relative obscurity and a seemingly normal life, to being thrust into the Hollywood limelight almost overnight, the D’Amelios are faced with new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined. Charli, who at 16 became one of the biggest celebrities with over 150 million followers combined and #1 on the TikTok platform in less than a year, has the world at her fingertips and is working to balance fame and family life with dancing, relationships, making new friends in LA and battling the haters online. Her sister, Dixie, now 19, is experiencing her own sudden rise to fame with over 80 million followers combined, and an exploding music career. For mom Heidi and dad Marc, raising teenagers is hard enough before adding a cross-country move, supporting their daughters’ dreams, and doing the best they can to stay close and protect their girls from the dark side of fame, while also trying to adjust to life in Hollywood.

The D'Amelio Show is coming to Hulu on September 3

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the demilio show now it's a series that's based on the life of the tick tocker charlie dominia i believe she has over 100 million followers on tick tock and she's basically following the keeping up with the kardashians business model their family is following it and this show basically follows her life and brings her family into the picture kind of like what's keeping up with the kardashians the it's funny how people hated the kardashians and talked about them being popular for no reason but now people are following that model and of course this all started with paris hilton when it comes to this whole world of being popular for no reason but the point i want to make is that you know we as christians need to take advantage of this opportunity and start our own shows to preach the gospel we should be the one on the forefront no matter who you are you can start a show about yourself what you need is a camcorder have you know records of interesting events in your life and that's that check out for more God bless you 

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