Why There Is About To Be A Rise In Terror Attacks In America & The Western World : American News Updates


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the fact that there's about to be an increase of terror attacks in america and in the western world you have to understand something very important about the evacuation that is going on in afghanistan the routes to the airports are controlled by the taliban so the majority of the people who are leaving afghanistan are living with the taliban's approval

majority of those people are terrorists and they are going to form cells in america and western countries and understand that the parts that be the globalists understand this they are not done they are not stupid they are playing chess they know what they are doing and they want to see the downfall of america that is why they got rid of trump and they put him by them now you have to understand until we get control of organizations like the u.n and we have our own organizations that speak and control the rhetoric of politicians control the rhetoric of the people look at wokeness weakness is a weapon and those who control wokeness work less is controlled by an individual body it is not controlled by the people it is meant to look like a grassroots movement but wokeness is not grassroots it is not pro-lgbt how many lgbt people who are in that community control all that wokeness entails how many people who are in the so-called african-american community or the black lives matter community really control all that wokeness entails wokeness is a deception it is controlled by a few and it is made to look like a grass root movement that stands for individual people but it has one uniform goal we need to be able to create our own movements that control the minds of the people and to ban thoughts patterns because that is what focus does it burns people from you cannot think in this way you cannot think in this way it is the slavery of the mind the global theory of the mind you cannot have this thought you cannot believe or say what's like red pill you cannot have conservative views otherwise you are a racist to a bigot we need to have that kind of control and power and until good people have that also control of the social media the facebook the twitters you know the cnns until we have that power you know and that money that goes with it and we once we are controlling the media we are in soup we are going to have some schemes like this pulled off you know towards an end game they feel trying to control many and trying to bring forth a world where they own everything and you will not now you are supposed to be happy look out and you know for what is what these folks are planning and we have to do what um has to be done to stop it check out alfredo's vip for more


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