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Social Media Companies Supports ANTIFA Calling For Violence Against Christians & Conservatives Worldwide Freedom Rally : American News Updates


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Click Here To Download: Social Media Companies Supports ANTIFA Calling For Violence Against Christians & Conservatives Worldwide Freedom Rally : American News Updates 

*Silicon Valley Stands Behind Terrorism Against Patriotism*


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the support that social media companies have for terrorism donald trump has been kicked off the platform social media platforms yet taliban al qaeda and all sorts of terrorist organizations still have their accounts on social media and they are still pushing for their rhetoric that it's terrorism but yet conservatives are shadow banned they are canceled they automatically seize their viewership numbers decrease on places like youtube their subscribers you know are no longer given a lot all kinds of different things go on now recently antifa has a post for the worldwide freedom rally they are using social media to tell people to show up to this disrupts the rally and this goes on this is interesting people should not ignore this link and this is why we need to start taking over positions of authority and power we need to take over the positions of captains of industry of media otherwise we are in soup and we need to start suing companies twitter and all these companies that bank conservatives for views conservatives not even calling for any kind of um violence but these people are calling for violence show up at these meetings and beat up these conservatives and now there seems to be a link between christianity and conservatism you know and it's understandable but this now is the persecution of christians now when christians gather for any rally there are now targets for antifa we need to start suing antifa we need to start suing the government for not responding to the threats by antifa towards christians and towards setting intense groups you know it is forbidden to um discriminate against some people but it is okay to discriminate against white people or white male or straight white males or um those who believe in the second amendment or those who you know um are christians that seems to be okay we need to start suing the government and taking steps towards that we also need to start going towards the antifa rallies why don't we ever protest or so-called and counter-protest the anti-federalists and all it is that these globalists do the gay rallies and all of that we need to do that because they are trying to make protesting their own movements illegal why they are protesting anything that we do anything that conservatives do anything that is primaric and everything that is christian you know for more check out


- Andy Ngo: Atlanta Antifa are rallying their comrades on Twitter to confront attendees of the “Worldwide Freedom Rally” on Sunday:

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