Nigerian Politicians & The Nigerian Media Are Paid To Make Nigerians Slaves : Nigerian News Updates


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hello everybody i would like to talk about the chronovirus situation in nigeria first of all coronavirus is not a problem in nigeria malaria fever poverty the stating people's money have bigger problems in nigeria the coronavirus you know a lot of the people who are so called getting the corona are getting healed even without medical intervention you know and it is so few in spite of all that they are trying to do to hype it up and understand something it is only in the media that you would hear talk about the current verse it is not something that affects the nigerian people it is not something that you can look around you and it affects but there are problems that affects nigerians like electricity people pay for electricity people pay for nepal and they don't get the light that they pay for someone buys a car they want to travel from point a to point b they have to give to to be they have to have their money stolen from them by the police at three different checkpoints for committing no crime are realistic problems and the politicians are being paid by the un the au different organizations are paying these politicians like the world health organizations is paying this politician to push for covet the only reason why anyone is even saying covey is only when they put on the television in nigeria or they go to a nigerian um government-backed um youtube channel based on a media or a tv channel that is owned by the nigerian government sponsored by the nigerian government affiliated with a politician that is where you hear the talk about kovid but it is ridiculous the government the same government that's held back palliatives from nigerians during lockdown is the one that wants to force vaccines on people and they're doing first phase circumference and all kinds of stupid phases until we go against this politician because at this point it is going ridiculous and we cannot look at elections until the nigerian people stand up and have a plan in which people are held accountable in spite of how much money they have until politicians are held accountable for the evil things and the wrong things they do all the people who are involved in pushing the vaccine in spite of the fact they know that there is no point to it all these people needs to be persecuted they should not be ignored the same thing with america and the different countries in this world dr fauci needs to be in jail bill gates needs to be in jail and until this is not done it shows where true power lies and it is better for us to take our time to get that true power it is better to be in bill gates position than to run for president because apparently when you are in bulgaria's position you can control more and influence more than any president look at all the nonsense that bill gates has gotten away with look at um having weinstein is in jail for doing far less than what

this um fellow bill gates did thanks to his affiliation with jeffrey epstein you know bill gates and jeffrey epstein was very close affiliates melinda gates have left bill gates because of his affiliation with um

epstein and of course what that means because he too was involved in the pedophilia and the sex parties and all of that so now of course she's mad that her husband you know is cheating in that manner and is you know um um into that kind of thing but she doesn't mind killing africans in the name of saving the world and by decreasing the population because that is the way such um evil minds work you know that being said we must take all these positions and until we do that we are not serious we have little time left because now look at what has happened look at the u.n look at brexit what happens to brexit you know the u.n was basically about to be dissolved before all these coronal nonsense started you know a lot of these organizations that are full of unelected people now we have more like the world economic forum full of non-elected people that are giving presidents advice and are telling presidents what direction they should go to because they are made up of billionaires and they are writing books and telling you that that in the future you will not now be happy telling you about um new industrial revolutions and all kinds of plants you know you can read them swaps books and all of that you know these guys it is better to take the power from these guys because that is the source that is the source of all the wars and all the commotion these secret societies all these freemasons and all these different cabals we need to detron these people it is not about um the physical people we see as presidents and governors those are just hustlers who are trying to make money from a political career it is the people who sponsor them that have the real power and are really dictating the direction that the world spins and that is who you must take power from for more check out alfredo's vip

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