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Gunmen Kill 32 In Plateau State In 4th Week Of August 2021 : Nigerian News Updates


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Click Here To Download: Gunmen Kill 32 In Plateau State In 4th Week Of August 2021 : Nigerian News Updates

Broadcast Outlines:

- Buhari must be impeached and stand in an international court for crimes against humanity along with his cohorts.

- Criminals can't be the only ones who own guns in Nigeria. There needs to be guns in every home and firearms and weapons companies need to begin and be privatized in Nigeria. Everything must be registered and every gun and every bullet should be registered to people's names so if any bullet is found inside anybody or anywhere. It would be clear who to hold responsible.

- The entire Nigerian Security system from the Police to the Military needs to be Reset. 

- There needs to be CCTV cameras on every street that is backed up to the cloud.

- Emergency escape & evacuation plans should be mapped out for every community in case of a Terror Threat. And surprise drills should be run for effectiveness

- Nigeria must incorporate programs that brings the best and brightest from other countries into Nigeria and nationalize into becoming Nigerian people; even allowing them to run for the highest office in the land. Like Ghana's Year Of Return program, but an ongoing never ending thing available to White people, all people and primarily smart people.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the killing of over 32 nigerians in plateau states this is something that is no longer news it happens so often and this was just this tuesday now these are the things that need to be done first of all buhari needs to be impeached and he needs to stand in front of an international criminal court him and his cohorts also criminals can't be the only ones who own guns in nigeria there needs to be guns and fair arms in every home and there has to be weapons companies in nigeria they have to privatize the manufacturing of weapons and each weapon has to be registered as well as the bullets such that if any bullet is found in anybody or anywhere that bullet will be linked to an owner and that will now be responsible for whatever happens as a result of that bullet you know so if that bullet is um used to shoot someone or use in any disturbance it should be linked also the entire nigerian security system from the police to the military needs to be reset there is corruption on every level and in every way and there's incompetence in every sector the greatest terrorists in nigeria are not even boko haram and you know it is not even the criminals who are official armed robbers it is the police it is the military and that is where the weapons are coming from you see there needs to be a change so private innocent individuals need to have guns the killing of folks in plateau states understand that these folks who had guns which they got from the government and from the politicians they went into people's homes and shot them in their homes and they burned people in their homes just this tuesday so you have to understand that if these homes if they have guns if they have means of defending themselves because the police is not going to do anything and of cour and interestingly in this case they bounce the bridge that is linking that community with other communities so help will not come so they bought they destroyed the bridges first and then they went into people's homes and they started doing all this of course bohari this is not his concern he is concerned with sunam dekalu and sunday buhu that is his concern he's not interested in whatever boko haram does so that is why he clearly needs to stand in front of the criminal courts also there needs to be cctv systems that are installed on every street to get the view and it has to be backed up with the cloud such that if a criminal shoots one of them there is no point because even if the criminal shoots it all the information on the camera has already been recorded and there also has to be cctv cameras that the people don't know a day but on the streets it should not violate people's privacy and then put them in people's homes but from every angle of every seat all those things needs to be done so that the activities of people can be easily seen and traced then there needs to be emergency escape and evacuation plans that are in place for every community

every community in nigeria there has to be an emergency escape and a evacuation plan in case of a terrible attack and there needs to be surprises drills that are held so that

the effectiveness can be assessed you know it shouldn't be just something that is done for the sake of um it just being said that it is done also the cc camera system can be privately funded you know and based on community just like a lot of things and services that are available for the community a lot of times are funded by the community for example roots it should be the government that does rules but in some neighborhoods it is the people that are doing the rules so in those kinds of systems there are economic systems that can be built that will not cause a strength on any level that will create a security system where they are cameras on the streets and are backed up with a cloud and linked to a universal pool of cameras on the streets and in observance understand that a lot of communities in nigeria already pay um security services to touts and talks to do protection they some pay to vigilante um groups so that's money doesn't need to be increased from that pool you know um that can be done but of course this is something that the government should do and the government has the money to do but i'm just saying that even on the private level it can be done then also nigeria must incorporate programs that attract the best and brightest from other countries into nigeria just like anna had the year of return but this has to be something that is an ongoing thing for nigeria and that it is not open to only people of a certain skin color it has to be open to the best and brightest no matter what part of the world you are from no matter what your skin color is like and those people have to be brought in and to be made to feel like yes yeah they are welcome nigeria embraces you and you have a future here that will not be taken away from you it is not like later when things are going all right that they can now kick you out like the government was good saying no you are in nigeria you're in nigeria forever that has to be done and nigeria has to accept them to the point that these people will be able to run for the even the highest office because a lot of the people in nigeria are incompetent and that is the fact um they are much brighter much more intelligent people of different races and from different countries why don't you get them to be part of nigeria and then move nigeria forward so that is that for more check out God bless you


- Guardian Nigeria: Gunmen kill 36 villagers in Nigeria's divided Plateau state.. :

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