Remember All The Celebrities That Persecuted Trump & Cast Biden As A Savior Are Responsible For The Tragedies In Afghanistan & All Future Tragedies From Biden : Alfred Speaks



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Broadcast Notes:

- Never forget them because the mouthpiece that mislead you yesterday would still lead you tomorrow

- The people especially Christians create our own celebrities not those that are chosen for us 

- We must create our own Wokeness Beliefs Requirements Checklist for anyone who wishes to be a celebrity but it should be a set of common sense bible based beliefs that work to the advantage of Christians.

- Christianity most become a political movement as well. Other groups use politics to impose their ideology and vision for the world upon society and force out Christians. The LGBTQ, Muslims, those who call themselves Blacks, etc 

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the fact that you should remember that all these celebrities you know remember all the celebrities the persecuted trump and you know they cast by them as this guy is going to be the savior or trump is ruining america trump is destroying the world trump is destroying foreign policy and how america looks to the world or abiding as the savior remember that all these celebrities

are actually the ones who have a great responsibility they are responsible don't forget that they cast biden as a savior so they should be also considered responsible for the tragedies in afghanistan and the tragedies that we follow as a result of president biden understand that this is very important and the reason why is that the mount peace that was used to mislead you yesterday is still going to mislead you tomorrow that mouthpiece that's misled you yesterday will still mislead you today and tomorrow so we cannot forget this the people that we have made celebrities and the people that we have made the folks we look up to as a society look at how evil they are they are the ones that are pushing for everything evil everything that is anti-american anti-trustwork and try the good of the people anti-christian you know the only two people that you could say i am really study that are celebrities from the movie industry and from the entertainment industry are dean cain and kevin subbu you know dan k once played superman in the real adventures of lewis and clark i believe that's the name of that series and kevin subba was the guy who played them um heckles and interestingly these two fellows have independence they made a lot of money and they are still making a lot of money they are doing that when independence and so that is another thing many people who are not independent celebrities they go with the flow oh this is what you have to support and they go with that but you must remember that these people you know they misled us yesterday you cannot start you cannot keep listening to them to them tomorrow you know

people especially christians need to start creating your own celebrities you decide who are the popular people it has to be the people that decide and not people who are chosen for us also we must create our own workness belief requirement system you know our own worklets beliefs requirements checklists that anyone who wishes to be a celebrity must have i must abide by you know but our own checklists should be based on common sense and bible beliefs that walk to the advantage of christians because wokeness now is a culture and a collection of beliefs that you have to abide by if you do not want to be counseled and what are those beliefs a lot of those beliefs are anti-christian a lot of those beliefs are idiotic and it works to the destruction of america and to the persecution of white people to the persecution of men to the punishment of men being men and you know they want men to be feminine and they want women to be masculine you know now the new definition of a strong woman a woman is not strong when she tries to be masculine you know according to all these modern day feminists that means that all the women previously all the women that has existed before now who are not trying to be masculine all the women are all weak women it is not all these women that hates men that they are the strong women so all their mothers and their great grandmothers are weak weak women the women that's that were in the kitchen the women that took care of the family the women that took her out of the home and women who walked because understand that back in the day you know people want to claim that women were imprisoned in kitchens that is nonsense women were allowed to do whatever they want and in many nations women ruled look at the queen of sheba you know look at even when you look at the bible how many queens did so much and had influence in other cultures

look at the part that the queens had look at england today it has a queen who is the king of england so what nonsense are you talking about when you you talk about um you you want to talk about like women who have been persecuted for years all this nonsense that goes with mokness must talk and one thing is that christians must understand this very important thing christianity must become a political movement you know christianity itself just the same way lgbt and black lives matter and all these things are political movements christianity must become a political movement as well understand other groups use politics to impose their ideology and their vision for the world on people and on society and they force out christianity they make it difficult or impossible for anyone to be a true christian they criticize and condemn christianity your kids that are going to school are going to school to learn that christianity is bigotry that christians are old school they are going to school to land that smart people don't believe in god stupid people and old fashioned people that believe in god that is what you see in the movies there is no new movie that has been made since 2010 you see that is not under a christian company where the hero believes in god i'm not even talking about that the hero is christian i'm talking about beliefs in god the hero even even movies that are based on that is set around the catholic church like warrior known you're making a movie about the catholic church and about a month you want to make an action movie that this um somebody that was raised by norse you know and it's you know part of the catholic system and it's a hero but she doesn't believe in god how does that make sense yeah then you make movies about rome where people all kinds of they believed in all kinds of gods and then you single out the hero to be the one and only person in this whole of rome in that entire world in all of that one at that time the hero is the only one that does not believe in god you see even in movies where the the scheme has to do with god's um myths and all of that you figure out the way to push the ideology that the rational person the person that saves the day the the the correct way of thinking is the one that does not believe in god and you see christians need to be smart and understand that this is very important this is not a joke this is intentional what they are doing they are changing people's mentality and you see groups like the blm saying oh they must have representation why can't christians say oh we must have representation you must give props to jesus it has gotten so bad that it is on the other side you can see little nurse x and all of that it is cool to this jesus you see um shows like snl and all of that that is something that is supposed to be public for everybody and yet it is okay to insult jesus and if you're a muslim i am looking at this and you are keeping quests you'll be you'll be the one they'll come for next it is not something that um the persecution is only for christians it will start with christians jews and to come to you and other other belief systems too that is a fact you see so check out alfredo's vip for more thank you and God bless you


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