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Lady & Her Kids Gets Attacked At A Prayer Event by ANTIFA/ BLM : American News Updates


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Click Here To Download: Lady & Her Kids Gets Attacked At A Prayer Event by ANTIFA/ BLM : American News Updates


Lady & Her Kids Gets Attacked At A Prayer Event by ANTIFA/ BLM : American News Updates

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about a video that has gone viral of the lady and her child you know her kids who were attacked at a prayer event it's interesting how african-americans and latinos and mexicans their lives don't matter you know when they stand against things that the anti-founder and the liberal crowd and the democrats don't stand for you could see all this white people who claim that they are pro african-americans they scream black lives matter and all of that these are the people who are attacking african-americans and latinos when they are attending prayer events when they pray you know if they show up for events where they support the police they attack african-americans this is the kind of thing we saw with how they treated countless moments now they are treating other people like that because it's clear you see they don't care about you you know they only care about their agenda and pushing for what they want they are only using you as it means to an end this civil rights thing they want to take advantage of all the privileges that civil rights gives you know so that they can use that as a key to unlock certain doors and to bring forth their own agenda and that is what it is at the end of the day the african-americans will still be as they were before look at the situation of african-americans now it it's not worse under biden what did you guys get after all the blm bits certain groups and certain ideologies have been pushed forward now you cannot separate lgbt from african-americans you know and they are the the civil rights movements you know they have merged it now look at what people like nato mass ex is doing and of course these are anti-christian people you know and look at how antifa is attacking christians at events then pastors mega church pastors are keeping christ they don't talk about it that's something that you should wonder about there are christians who are now being persecuted in america for attending christian events there are churches that have been born in canada now in the situation in afghanistan we see the fact that those people who were converted to christianity when the americans were there those people are going to be killed and most of them have already still been killed because the taliban is notorious for that under sharia law if a muslim converts to christianity he gets killed another italian ban is in charge they have already started that understand that the people who are living around the people who converted know that they converted so that is another way for sending people to get in good times with ali military banana understand that some afghanistan's actually like the taliban and they prefer them the taliban press to the american prison so those christians a lot of them are going to get you but of course it doesn't matter to the u.s it doesn't matter to international communities because they want to make christians the villains especially when it comes to homosexuality but that is just a creation you know that is just an avenue they have always wanted to make christian villains so that they will get rid of christianity when christians are persecuted it doesn't matter but when it is fake execution of lgbt folk you know that is what they want to to to push they go as fast inventing the persecution of lgbt folks it's ridiculous but that being said check out alfredo's vip for more.



- Black Mother Confronts Antifa Over Trying To Harm Her Kids During Prayer Event:

 - Portland mom goes viral for confronting ANTIFA/BLM: "They messed with the wrong mom":


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