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Don't Wait For Elections, Hold Press Conferences & Send Demands To Politicians & Political Groups As Different Citizen Groups : For Nigeria - by Alfred

Change The Culture & Values Of The Average Nigerian & You Would End Incompetent & Corrupt Governance : For Nigeria - by Alfred

Good & Bad Political Leaders Don't Both Come From God - Part 1 : Breakfast With Alfred - by Alfred

Destiny Fulfillment Life Insurance (If Something Happens To You Do You Have A Back Up Plan To Ensure A System Is In Place To Still Fulfil Your Destiny Or Your Life's Work : Breakfast With Alfred - by Alfred

No Compromise On Leadership By The Spirit & The Word : Kings & Queens - by Alfred

Every Fanbase A Church : Join The Family - by Alfred

The Picture Comic Book (Using Comic Book Filters & Apps To Create Your Own Comic Book Series From Real Photos) Let's Talk Comics - by Alfred

Lobby For The Cause Of Christ Everyday : Laws Of The Land - by Alfred

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