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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to alfred's music reviews i would like to talk about the album when the lights go off by lizzie ella you know it's been a while since music of this quality has been produced now the lazy um album it's you know it's a quality album i remember people used to release quality albums back in the day when it comes to the production the delivery and you know everything being put together you know the whole quality and the talent speaks for itself you know naturally this album you know which is um largely singing you know and it has that rigid vibe you know it has a very interestingly back vibe this album would have been better as a gospel level you know just as everything else you know would the album is actually technically an ep because it only has six tracks you know deep into you somebody body or me you know still with me and issues you know one of the tracks is an interlude so it's basically just five tracks you know it's on you know relationships and you know sex that is basically what they are thinking about and of course you know um it is better to think about god and if someone thinks about relationship they break they think about it from a christian perspective from a positive perspective you know from a perspective that it really um bless people you know the content is actually something that speaks for god's word and god's mind on the issue you know that is something that is uh amazing there's nothing wrong with um

thinking about relationships and law of aromas but it has to be done with modesty it has to be done with class you know it has to be done without the greeting or making any of the sexes just an object you know it has to be done from god's perspective you know i mean look at songs of solomon and the bible you know um that being said you know the quality of the album and the talents you know speaks for itself you know so this is an artist that um you guys you need to watch for you know i pray that she becomes a gospel singer or makes her music more christian you know more gospel you know even if she is still sticks to you know the relationship which is good as long as it is done from a godly and from a christian perspective you know because you know that is what's um it's also needed that you're not going to when you're a married couple for example uh you know in the bedroom you know it's not to gospel music they are going to you know be doing that it's relationship love and all of that but it's better that it is not just our kellys and the folks of the world that are singing basically concepts and things that are not um wise or going to be a blessing you know that i think singing and giving for wrong ideologies on relationships you know their songs are all about you know being promised course and you know objectifying the order sex you know so that is not how it should be you know so that being said the album on a quality level also you know so that is that remember to check out our freight dot vip for more and if you have not given your life to christ when you go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you have the page you come in the house of prayer savage and say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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