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The Shades Of Suave - Suave : Music Album Review - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to alfred's music reviews i would like to talk about the album all shades of sweet you know by swift you know this addis is apparently a nigerian artist you know and it has a lot of pigeon in the album this album unfortunately it's not a gospel song and it's not you know even a song on relationships that speaks about relationships from a godly or from a christian perspective it's the typical um worldly stuff but in any case this album apparently has a lot of the influence of whiskey on it you can get that um influence or you could say that's um you know when it's when it's apparent that something is heavily influenced by something else it now just begins to look like coping you know you could see that and if many people get that vibe they will look at you as a copy as someone who is trying to be someone else and you know you're not drinking anything unique to the table but maybe that's just me because you know in this day and age this is different from the 90s you know people just copy a lot of biting is being done even you know um we more in the 90s biting really kicked off but now it's crazy you know in the 80s biting was considered a scene in music you know nobody was biting you know you couldn't copy other other people but nowadays it doesn't matter or it doesn't seem to matter if everybody sounds alike but when when your music sounds very similar to someone else who's established that this is this person's sound you know you do yourself an injustice because you just look like a copy and you know you are replaceable and all of that yeah you have done yourself a great service you've not given your time yourself enough time to develop your own sound and your own um style which is extremely important and that's where you you created a place for yourself in music and nobody can copy you and people know that you can't be replaced it's kind of like now that jmx is gone there is not going to be another dmx you know it's also obvious nobody has that voice nobody has that delivery nobody has that rap style there's nobody else that is going to be coming out and backing that to be accepted you know like i'm back and all that uh i know that's rising of of peace and then taking it down and all of that like the mx was doing you know so um that is very um interesting and that that is uh um that so with the all shades of sweet in in in totality the quality of the work itself in spite of the fact that you can see that influence of whiskey on it you know the quality of the work is good you know and when it comes to the the voice of the artists it is not up there when it comes to singing because when you when you when you're a singer you know you need to know how to sing but apparently now because of the way a lot of people put a lot of um importance on the beats if the beats is good it sucks up the singing if you cannot um release an acapella version of your album that sells your voice needs to be improved you know boys to men back in the day will release the acapella versions and you can check out their acapella versions of the albums there's some um like for example i do by voice to men it is just pure acapella and you can see the talents there in the voice itself the voice can stand alone a lot of singers today their voice cannot stand alone a lot of the popular um musicians a lot of them over 99 percent of them cannot sing you know they they need to work on their vocals they need a singing coach and they need to put in the work on their vocals not just in the totality of music including the beats and all these other gimmicks and all the different things about the business that drowned out you know the fact that this person has not spent enough time developing his own substance in the acts you know so um that is that bits you know it is what it is remember to check out and keep in mind that every song will be better if it was gospel or done from a christian perspective and revealed a christian world view that is the only thing that will last because the work of your music will last because you know having a need to pass away but god's word will never pass away so if your music or your art is pushing for god's word you're pushing for something of lasting value beyond just this it's beyond just your record sales or um the accolades you may get or you know whatever awards may be allotted to your ads you know whatever financial gains or profit might come from it you know you go into something deeper you are feeling the soul you are going into eternity because you are contributing to the advancement of the spirits and the souls of people you know and something that will last forever because you have made your music to be a conveyor of god's word we should never pass away therefore your music becomes eternal you know so um all music is better gospel of going from a christian perspective you know if you are thinking about god or you are thinking about people relationships with people do it from the perspective of god's word that being said you know if you've not given your life to christ go to alfredo fear be click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you know the page of command that has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that's it for today thank you and god bless you

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