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The Golden Boy - KiDi : Music Album Review - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and listening to alfred's music reviews i'd like to talk about the album the golden boy it's by an artist named kitty that's k-i-d-i kiddie you um apparently this artist is a nigerian artist you know the accents and you know references based on you know when you listen to what the artist is saying also the use of pigeon english you know it goes without saying you know using pigeon english in your songs is not wise understand that in a lot of countries pidgin is broken english it's it says they are uneducated you see and those who do not understand peach english cannot buy your album they cannot really like or appreciate alba because they don't get what you're talking about understand that there are great singers in different countries who speak different languages that you do not know about for example if i told you that celine dion had multiple french albums that's a 100 french she sang in french from the beginning to the ending would you know about it you know so many people you know don't know about it and among those who know about it you know so few actually um

would listen to it why because it's in french you know it's the same thing it's in there there are a lot of indian singers who can sing but they sing in their language and because of that those who do not understand that you know would rather buy an album because they are still people who can sing and are still releasing music in a language that they understand so understand that you are in competition with every other musician and when you create points that work against you it pushes force other assets and you are not included in the pool of competition you are not included in the pool for selection when you are speaking a language that many people don't understand when you make music that's only people with innovation can relate to it then it is only within that region that is select people would actually appreciate or buy or listen to your album that is even if that is if they are even um able to be aware of it if they are marketed if the marketing of the album reaches them you know so you limit yourself when you speak patient english you know you do yourself a great injustice when you put patient english in your songs you know that is something that you should not do so um this album like many nigerian artists seem to think it's okay but that is why you will never be big they're exceptions you know michael jackson was the first person who actually crossed language barriers with his music because of number one the beats number two the the reading the melody of this of the songs and of the sound a lot of people don't get the lyrics even uh something like smooth criminals you know any are you okay are you okay and you know the way he says many people didn't even hear what he was talking about in a lot of michael jackson's songs many people don't get the lyrics they don't even hear it but it's it's the sweetness of the voice and you know the the rhythm and the melody of the voice that helps sell but most importantly the dancing and of course the marketing of michael jackson understand that a lot of the dance moves that michael jackson um did didn't originate from him you know he got them from other folks so when our people were doing it but why didn't it bring them as much film as it brought michael jackson that was also the marketing and the branding you know nobody branded themself in music the way michael jackson did it when you know he was in his head and nobody did it quite like that the branding and the selling of he created this musical icon of himself you know this great persona of you know in many ways he's the first true celebrity you know that is what michael jackson is he's the first true celebrity you know when it comes to branding and creating that celebrity um persona you know nobody did it like him he actually took it to um a whole new level you know and um that that that is the kind of things that help them now you may look at people like risky you know who sells records in other countries you know and you will say well this guy is doing it so perhaps i should speak patient a lot of whiskey song you know are not um based off of patient and apart from that there are now a lot of nigerians in many of these countries that whiskey you know has an audience like in the uk you know there are so many africans in the uk there are so many nigerians in the uk there are so many nigerians in new york so many you know that is something that you have to understand so his actually has an audience in places where they are nigerians overseas what about other people who come from different cultures who do not understand you know um the way nigeria goes and there's the same problem with nigerian movies nigerian movies has a quality that other countries look down on because the quality let us say that pick a natural movie that is actually doing well let us say that an american movie was made with that quality starring um white people you know it was made without quality what would happen to it is to be looked upon as garbage so you see on the quality level you know the nigerian movies does not deliver and also in the context of like for example nigerian comedy the style of nigerian comedy a lot of people outside asia don't get it they don't get it you know if for example you look at the style of american comedy and the style of british comedy there are two different things then when you look at nigerian comedy it has a completely different style that's you know and and to make matters worse the the jokes are jokes that if you are not in nigeria you will not understand what is happening you know if you are watching a nigerian movie think about it as it if if you could put yourself in a position where you you don't know it's not about nigeria because nigeria is very unique when it comes to the experiences that people have as opposed to different parts of the world there are a lot of things that people in different parts of the world take for granted that is not readily available in nigeria you know and there are a lot of things in nigeria that are not another part of the world so when you're crafting jokes how does it cross over to other people in different parts of the world do they have things that they can relate to in the jokes or in the movies no when it comes to nigerian movies nigerian movies are targeted specifically at nigerians and when you actually create your me your music in that or whatever art you do in a way that is targeted towards a group and not globally you are not um thinking about the global audience and where people come from and their backgrounds and giving them something that each person can relate to no matter what culture they are from or part of the world they are from you are doing yourself with an injustice you see this is why books are translated to different languages so that people from different parts of the world can get it can understand it so um albums like this this um um saying that it's part of the nigerian sound no you don't have to speak peaching in your songs when you piece when you um release songs with page in english you are doing yourself a great service and i'm speaking specifically to christian artists you know you are the ones that you know really i wanted to do well and i want you to um do better now this album would have been better as a gospel album as is everything else you know it have been better if it had or pushed forth you know the bible the bible side zoologists know god's mind on things you know you can still be thinking about the same topics but from a christian perspective from a bible-based perspective you know that would have been much better you know that would have been a much better complete album you know in addition to that you have an established audience in the christian crowd but you're not limiting yourself to based on topic actually spreads you out to everywhere you know you do something that everybody everywhere can um connect with can relate to so that is something that should be on your mind as an attitude when you put out um um any piece of art you know so you have to understand your audience you know who who you have to first of all define your audience you know who do you want to be audience who are you doing this for you know so that is very important that being said if you're listening to this and you've not given your life to christ i would like you to go to alfred vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when doing that the page you come at house of prayer savage and say that pray and give your life to christ it's very important that you do so you know and also creates acts that gives glory to god creates as that spreads the gospel creates at that shares the gospel with people that gives people a christian perspective a goalie perspective it's it's unfortunate to have a lot of singers that's in the church you know and then they end up going into the world why would you do that you know why can't you use that voice and sing for god what is wrong with you you will still you can still sell your music if that is what you want to do you know nobody really buys music nowadays everybody streams their music and gets it for free you know so you are um subject to whatever streaming dollars you are getting you know so but the point is that of course now the music industry is based on music is for publicity and building your brand you know bring creating awareness from your brand then from your brand you can now make money from other things like going on tour um doing concerts and getting paid or creating your own products and selling or being a brand ambassador for established companies or for new companies or you know starting your investment firm you know a lot of the biggest musicians or wealthiest musicians a lot of their money comes from venture capital fans that they own or other businesses you know from the fashion industry or something else there is no musician that is a multi-millionaire that makes their music from music anymore you know that that is not um the way it is now you know the music just helps to um make you popular and therefore gives you an opportunity to build your brand so that is what that is you know so thank you and god bless you

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