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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to alfred's music reviews i would like to talk about the album

sin city the mixtape now this album is by an artist called ski max the slump god you know there's so much to be said about adding gold in your name you know pride goes before you fall you know like charlemagne decode you know you god from the wooten clan and this guy now ski max the slum god don't add god to your name you know don't don't do that you know um of course we live in a day and israel there are many beliefs about you know god and a lot of beliefs that wants to make a demand themselves god you know and people are um playing around with this you know if you call yourself god are you saying you created yourself you know where is the lord what does that say about you know your iq and all that but if you are looking at it from the perspective of your gods now you know god lives in you you know that's a different thing and you know if that is the case you should make a distinction and not call yourself god you know it's very important because really pride goes before they fall you know that being said this album is really a mixtape as it says you know it has you know nine tracks you know subtracting the intro that means it has its songs on it and

this artist is basically experimenting you know this is a wrapper that is experimenting you know what i hear is experimentation when it comes to the beats the beats are not extraordinary you know the beats are not um something that standout or cache they are not unique they are not memorable when it comes to the beats the verses however it shows a lot of creativity with the way um the artist tries to flow in certain songs like in a song called the metrics you know the flow scheme you know it's quite interesting so um the artist

will need to put in more work on developing himself as an artist you know his arts and you know um he's here to stay depending on him you know so um it's it's an interesting work put together you know and he makes a lot of references a lot of pop cultural references a lot of references to movies and stuff you know that um

it's quite unique and cool you know it's um somewhat of a breath of fresh air you know for someone not to um really try to exploit that trying to be gangster look you know when you look at the album cover or you know when you think about new artists today you think they want to exploit that even though a lot of them do not grow in that kind of environment you know now this is no um um type of um clean quotes kind of wrap that it shows that a person is from a different place like the lasso you know or tribe calls quests i want to even say tribe called quest i'll say the lasso but you know um they still have that kind of um modern day kid um with stuff that some things today you know that style of rap bits it has more substance than when it comes to the talent and the rhyming scheme that is just what what it's making me give it so much points you know so and i suspect that it wasn't professionally produced in a in a huge studio and under a major level based on the entire quality of work that has been put together you know based on what i see and there's a lot of experimentation you know so um the artist just is it's an artist being an artist you know so that being said this album would have been better as a gospel album you know as an album that actually even though he wants to talk about our lessons you can talk about anything from a christian perspective you know you can talk about even sex from your christian perspective this album would have been better if it had obviously um talked about all these things from a christian perspective from the word of god um being the perspective in which it is coming forth and it would have been much better that being said make sure you check out alfredo's vip and if you are listening to this and you've not given your life to christ go to alfredo's vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when doing that the page you commander has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ you know so that's it thank you and god bless you

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